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How to be a Good Listener

Avoid the these communication pitfalls and become a better listener. Mindfully interpret what’s really being said and respond with purpose and compassion.

couples counselling case study with Jacqui Hogan

Case Study – Belinda & Craig

Hear the heartbreaking story of Belinda & Craig (not real names) in this couples counselling case study by Jacqui Hogan. Discover helpful insights.

faq couples counselling

FAQ – Couples Counselling Online

Have Questions About Couples Counselling Online? Answer Your Burning Questions With Jacqui’s Frequently Asked Questions for Couples & Relationships.

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Smooth Conversations Video Series

Step 5 of the Be a Better Partner Program is Unlocked! – Have Smooth Conversations and Improve Communication in Your Relationship.

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Take a Time Out – Couples Guide

Essential guide for couples to “Take a Time Out”. A ‘personal circuit breaker’ for escalating emotions. Know when to take a break for healthy relationships.

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Restore Life Balance

Download the one-page Life Balance Wheel and see where you are lacking fulfillment. Colour-in and rate yourself over the 10 life-theme areas.

relationship strength quiz

Test Your Relationship Strength

Test your relationship strength with a fun, interactive quiz by Couples Counsellor Jacqui Hogan. Get insights into the strength and health of your relationship.


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