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Cancellation Policy

Effective from 23/06/2022

Please read this cancellation policy carefully before you book your session.

At Jacqueline Hogan Counselling, we highly value our time and yours. Please make sure you understand this policy and that you are comfortable with it before booking your session. By making a booking with Jacqui, you accept the terms laid out in this cancellation policy.

In accordance with recommendations by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), fees for cancellation of appointments are as follows:

Cancellation Fees

No-shows & missing your appointment – A 100% consultation fee is charged / retained.

Late cancellations (with less than 24 hours notice) – A 100% consultation fee is charged / retained.

Cancellations within 24-48 hours of appointment – A 50% consultation fee is charged /retained.

Cancellations requested with more than 48 hours notice are possible with no charge to you.

Rescheduling Fees

Rescheduling (with less than 48 hours notice) – A $100 rescheduling fee is charged / retained.

Rescheduling requests with more than 48 hours notice are possible with no charge to you.

Contact Jacui

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer need an appointment, call Jacqui as soon as possible on 0490 458 522 to cancel your appointment. Doing so frees up valuable time for another couple, and Jacqui does not waste any more time preparing for your session.

Appointment Reminders

Jacqueline Hogan Counselling uses Square Appointments to manage your appointments. Every client will receive an SMS and/or email confirmation at the time of booking that includes the date and time of your session.

A reminder SMS and/or email notification is sent to you 48 hours and 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Appointment Keeping Tips

Remember to advise Jacqueline Hogan Counselling of any appointment cancellations by calling 0490 458 522. Avoid a cancellation fee by providing at least 48 hours notice.

Add the appointment into your personal calendar.

Remember, late cancellations and no-shows impact both Jacqui and other clients who could use that time, not to mention additional administration time and effort.

To keep our practice efficient and affordable, we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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