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Life Values

Life Values Cards

Discover what makes you tick!

Explore your Life Values and start living in alignment with what matters most to you. Feel content with who you are, and excited by your life direction.

Start meaningful conversations and enrich your relationships with Life Values. Each deck contains 220 cards, developed by Couples Counsellor, Jacqueline Hogan.

Discover all the benefits of Life Values below, and order your epic deck of Life Values today!

Free Shipping Australia Wide. Inspired Living Awaits!


Life Values Cards

Live with Passion & Purpose

  • Explore & Select Your Core Life Values
  • Improve Relationships & Know Each Other Intimately
  • Play with Friends & Spark Discussion
  • Create Life Balance & Lead an Empowering Lifestyle
  • Lead Teams & Inspire a Culture of Excellence


Explore. Grow. Prosper.

Life Values are perfect for:

  • Personal Development
  • Couples & Relationships
  • Parents & Children
  • Friends & Family
  • Team Leaders
  • Therapists


Inspired Living Awaits!

  • 220 Life Values Cards
  • Desktop Display Cradle
  • Unlimited Ways to Play
  • Fun & Engaging
  • Bonus Online Resources
  • Printed in Australia
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide


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