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All relationships have their ups and downs, and most issues get resolved over time. However, when issues remain unresolved and the tension is driving a wedge between you, things are unlikely to get better on their own.

Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, hurt, betrayed and overwhelmed?

Do conversations spiral into a yelling match, followed with the cold shoulder and silent treatment? If you answered 'yes' - Seeing a professional counsellor could make a world of difference for you.

Perhaps the trust has been broken and you're worried and feeling alone in your relationship?

Stop drifting further apart and call Jacqui today to have your story heard and learn how she can help you. Or continue reading to understand how counselling and relationship coaching with Jacqui can help you.

Loving Relationships

Often counselling brings buried feelings or issues from the past to the surface. Jacqui blends years of research from the Gottman Institute with the latest in neuroscience, including mindfulness and meditation to support you and your unique needs. Finally ease the burden of old unhelpful beliefs and behaviours harming your relationship and sabotaging your success. Find forgiveness, compromise and communicate with new love and kindness.

Detailed assessments and a personal approach to improving your life and relationship helps you get the outcomes you desire sooner.


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