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Smooth Conversations - For Couples

New! Smooth Conversations – For Couples.

Repair your relationship and have peaceful conversations using Jacqui’s new breakthrough resource – ‘Smooth Conversations’.

Learn all about ‘Smooth Conversations’ below and order your deck today.

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New! Smooth Conversations – For Couples.

Repair your relationship and have peaceful conversations with Jacqui’s breakthrough resource – ‘Smooth Conversations’.

Ask the right questions at the right time using 101 question cards. Be guided through your conversation using the 4 coloured categories as follows:

  • Clarity – Blue cards. Feel heard, find clarity and develop a shared understanding.
  • Repair – Red cards. Discover pathways toward solutions, explore forgiveness , feelings, boundaries and more.
  • Unity – Green cards. Come together, build trust and share creative ideas for compromise & win-win solutions.
  • Harmony – Purple cards. Share a vision for the future, feel confident of your next steps and build resilience into your relationship.


Discover how ‘Smooth Conversations’ can help your relationship below.

Repair Your Relationship

Are communication breakdowns destroying your relationship? Do conversations spiral out of control and end in disaster?

If you answered ‘Yes’, you’re not alone. Almost all couples I work with identify ‘communication’ as a primary problem, crippling their relationship.

‘Smooth Conversations’ has been specifically developed to repair relationship problems through conversation.

No longer suffer from:

  • Arguing & blame
  • Criticism & gridlock
  • Flooding & outbursts
  • Avoidance & despair
  • Frustration & anger


Benefits of Smooth Conversations

Smooth Conversations with your partner are the foundation of a healthy and happy relationship. Create positive sentiment between you where trust and love can flourish.

Lower your defenses and embrace new ideas. Understand each other’s experience. Work together as a team and find creative win-win solutions.

Play to your strengths, support each other and unlock the abundance of opportunity & happiness that awaits you.

Top benefits include:

  • Peace & understanding
  • Love & connection
  • Kindness & unity
  • Harmony & happiness
  • Intimacy & affection


Types of Smooth Conversations to Have

There are countless ways to use ‘Smooth Conversations’ across any imaginable topic or problem you may have.

Popular types of ‘Smooth Conversations’ you can have include:

  • Getting clarity and a shared understanding of any topic, event or situation.
  • Empathising and getting clarity on each others feelings and experience.
  • Reaching an agreement or compromise on a current problem or issue.
  • Exploring new ideas in a collaborative and inclusive way.
  • Processing a past traumatic or sensitive event.
  • Exploring forgiveness and rebuilding trust / connection.
  • Exploring solutions, workarounds and temporary agreements to relationship problems.
  • Processing emotions, difficult feelings, and complex situations.
  • Exploring acceptance, beliefs and values.
  • Exploring change, alternate perspectives and meanings.
  • Creative thinking and bold ideas / possibilities.

Experiment with Smooth Conversations. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Create a Happy Future for Your Relationship

Remind yourself ‘why’ you need ‘Smooth Conversations’ for a happy, healthy and loving relationship.

  • Create a sense of peace and harmony in the home.
  • Build a stronger connection and resilient bond.
  • Know each other better and care for each other during the good times and the bad.
  • Feel free to speak your mind, and celebrate who you authentically are.
  • Accept each other unconditionally, acknowledge differences and love each other.
  • Move on from feelings of guilt, shame, blame, resentment and sadness.
  • Feel proud of each other. Feel safe. Feel content and have confidence and hope for the future.
  • Trust each other. Show up consistently and be someone ‘of your word’.
  • Be an empowered & energised couple, by taking responsibility.
  • Be courageous by being vulnerable with each other.
  • Inspire others and have a positive impact on those around you.
  • Feel united, in harmony, happy and affectionate toward each other.

The benefits will be personal to you and your unique relationship.


Additional Information:

  • Each deck includes 101 ‘Smooth Conversation Cards’ with a question on each card.
  • Created in Bendigo, Australia by Couples Counsellor – Jacqueline Hogan & Coach – Lee Ashby.
  • Perfect for couples of all ages.
  • Cards are printed in Melbourne on sustainably sourced stock.
  • Free delivery to your door, Australia Wide!