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Mending Hearts – Understanding Infidelity for Prevention & Repair

The Ultimate Guide to Infidelity - for Prevention & Repair

By Jacqueine Hogan 2023

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Prevent infidelity in your relationship. Know the warning signs. Improve communication and build trust.

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Validate what you're feeling and going through. Understand the grief and betrayal. Take the first step towards relationship repair.

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Strengthen the bond in your relationship. Understand the needs of of each other. Build resilience and know when to get help.

For Couples Feeling the Strain

Jacqui’s new 25 page eBook is all about infidelity.

It’s essential reading if you are going through infidelity, or suffering from a past betrayal. Understand what you’re feeling and make sense of your situation to heal and move forward.

For couples struggling in a relationship rut, know what’s at stake and turn toward each other to resolve problems within the relationship, rather than seeking comfort outside of the relationship.

For other couples it’s a chance to understand each other better and acknowledge the needs of the relationship and the complexities and pressures of modern life. Learn how to strengthen your relationship, build trust and improve communication. Know the warning signs and how to help each other, as well as when to seek professional help.

Professionals in the health and wellness space will also find the guide helpful to understand infidelity, and how it may be affecting your clients. From counsellors, coaches, therapists and more, learn how to validate and support your clients through this difficult time.

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