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I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
Love has the power to set me free.
I am worthy of love.
The more I love, the safer I am.
I attract love by loving myself first.
I see the bright side of life and add humour to my day.
My relationship blossoms by virtue of our Life Values.
I am mindful of my partner with every decision I make.
Romantic gestures unlock my hidden talents and desires.
Setting boundaries keeps me safe and in control.
We believe in daily hugs and kisses!
I love with compassion and understanding.
I see a part of myself when I look into my partners eyes.
Love requires effort. We always put in 100%.
Together we are stronger, smarter, happier!
I express my love creatively.
I visualise my perfect relationship with clarity and audacity.
We find balance and flow with life's responsibilities.
We believe in self soothing to show up at our best.
Speaking in truth sows seeds of trust.
I show my affection with sugar & spice!
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