Special Program - Save My Marriage

Restore Your Loving Relationship Built on a New Foundation of Trust, Respect, Love and Forgiveness

Are Unresolved Issues Boiling Over Causing Breakdowns in Your Relationship?

Jacqui helps you turn down the heat on your most burning issues. Get specialist support to help you and your partner through this difficult time.

Working with Jacqui in her specially developed program gives you the best opportunity to sensitively work through complex problems and find solutions to your relationship issues.

If you're feeling stressed, trapped and weighed down under the emotional burden you're carrying then read on to learn how Jacqui can help you.

Jacqui has helped hundreds of relationships during her career and can help you too.

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Thank goodness I found you. You have done more for me than any counsellor I've ever been to before.


When Enough is Enough

It's Time for Change

Reduce Emotional Turmoil

Finally put an end to out-of-control arguments and emotional abuse. Identify and work through underlying issues and welcome a refreshing 'calm' into your home.

Take Control of Fear, Anger & Frustration

Discover and release negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviour. Let go of things outside of your control and learn powerful self-awareness skills to strengthen relationship happiness, love and wellbeing.
  • Anon
    We came in feeling hopeless and preparing for divorce and left with hope.
  • A.L.
    Thank you so much for the affirmation, I love it and will use it everyday from now on... With her and yourself in my corner, I'm sure I can keep progressing to be the person I want to be and that my family deserve. Thanks again Jacqui, you're a legend.
  • Withheld
    I think we are making progress as we have talked a lot more openly about this recent issue and moved on a lot quicker than we would have in the past. I had a lot of self awareness around my responses and reactions and have not punished him for the mistake. I’m feeling much better than this morning.
  • A.F.
    Our communication has been great! Conversations have been enjoyable and [husband] is really enjoying the deep breathing and meditation.
  • S.G.
    This arvo we spent some time chatting about where we are at and that was very positive. We had a read through section 6 of the program about the affirmations.  I really enjoyed this. We made our own affirmation as you suggested.... I like it and we promised to say it to each other at least once a day.

Invite Love & Kindness

If trust is an issue in your relationship and you're suffering from loneliness or heartache, learning to forgive, reconnect, and communicate with love and kindness is essential.

Restoring feelings of love and establishing a genuine fondness for each other with a new understanding and appreciation of your partner inspires new passion and intimacy.

Reduce Stress & Create Hope

Explore mindfulness and self awareness with guided meditations for profound relaxation and defusing tension. Change behaviour, set new healthy habits and channel your energy positively. Discover your deeper purpose and passions. Learn to compromise and be there for each other.

Professional Support

Expert Couples Counselling & Coaching For Your Marriage or Relationship

About The Program

The Save My Marriage Program is essential for couples who are suffering deeply from relationship issues and require immediate support and guidance.

Get maximum contact time with Jacqui during your difficult time to work through your issues deeply and get outcomes that make you both happy.

Use assessments, exercises and specially developed resources to help you unpack your feelings, discover relationship strengths and areas for improvement.

Jacqui uses proven strategies - blending years of research with the latest neuroscience discoveries and training.

Personalised Support & Guidance

Personalised therapeutic sessions and superior support guide you through discomfort and difficult issues sensitively with a positive outlook.

Improve your self-worth and confidence with bonus access to Jacqui's mindfulness and meditation programs in the private members area.

Reduce stress, feel relaxed and sleep well. Be happier with more energy and zest for life!

Strengthen Your Relationship

  • Communicate with kindness and respect.
  • Get real strategies to work through issues deeply
  • Move on from past issues hurting your relationship
  • Unlock trust, happiness and laughter
  • Create hope and be the best you can be

Get the Spark Back!

  • Reduce stress and replace unhelpful habits
  • Create your happy future together
  • Fall in love all over again!
  • Ignite new romance and rekindle intimacy
  • Achieve your relationship goals - You're worth it!

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