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Jacqui Hogan - Couples Counsellor, BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Level 3, RLT Level 3

Couples Counselling From the Comfort of Home

Safe & Convenient Online Therapy & Support for Couples

Couples Counselling from the Comfort of Home

Online couples counselling is a life-saver for busy couples and parents who have a demanding schedule.

No more travelling, parking or babysitters to worry about, simply connect online from the comfort of home and get professional couples counselling support.

Couples on the Mornington Peninsula or around Melbourne, might prefer in-person sessions in my new  Couples Counselling space in McCrae

Couples Counselling Online - The Benefits Stack Up

Looking for In-Person Couples Counselling?

Learn about our new private & comfortable location in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula!

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In-Person Couples Counselling near Melbourne

Couples Counselling For Relationships in Distress

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Reduce Conflict

Is conflict and poor communication driving a wedge between you?

Poor communication and misunderstanding leads to conflict, heightened emotions, and destructive patterns of behaviour. Conflict commonly appears as yelling, anger, storming off, stonewalling, name calling, abusive comments and more.

Betrayal & Infidelity

Has broken trust turned your world upside down?

Betrayal, infidelity and broken trust are particularly damaging for a relationship. Feelings of guilt, shame, heart-break and low self worth are common. As are anger, disbelief, sadness and resentment.

Stress & Tension

Is stress and tension causing your relationship to feel ‘on edge’?

Stress and overwhelm from work, children, family issues, personal issues, health problems, and beyond are all contributing factors to relationship stress.

Negitive Sentiment

Is a ‘dark cloud’ of negativity affecting your relationship?

Negative sentiment drags your relationship down and clouds your happiness, environment and outlook. Left unchecked, you can feel disengaged, apathetic, sad, or depressed.

Save Your Marriage

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Improve Communication

Feel heard. Ease the tension…

Create a shared understanding. Start softly. Remain calm. Listen. Understand. Reflect. Self soothe. Empathise & more.

Forgiveness & Trust

Find forgiveness & rebuild trust…

Create hope for the future and a vision that inspires. Learn trust building behaviours and set standards & boundaries to shape a closer, more loving relationship.

Repair Connection

Rebuild fondness & admiration…

Create new rituals of connection. Discover shared values. Develop shared meaning. Resolve gridlocked issues & more.

Love & Kindness

Relax. Reduce stress & feel loved…

Welcome a new way of living that invites love and kindness into your life & relationship. Let your new sense of awareness nurture each other and respond better to each others needs.

Client Success Stories

Google Review
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My partner and I were in a very dark place before we met Jacqui, I was not confident we could find a way back. I’m so grateful to have found Jacqui. With her support, professionalism and the arsenal of tools she has provided for us, our relationship is now better than it has been for a decade.
Google Review
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I am so glad that we chose Jacqueline to be our relationship counsellor. Just when it seemed to my wife and I that there was no way forward together, thankfully one of the few things that we agreed upon was choosing Jacqueline from all of the counselling services that we could see online. The Save My Marriage program did exactly that for us. We are communicating like we never had in the past, and we have restored intimacy, love, and trust to our relationship. I feel we are on solid foundations now, and we have both learned to forgive, and how to become better partners.
Dr Janine ArnoldClient Review
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Working with Jacqui was very rewarding for me. I am now in control of my life, and I can believe in myself again. I was able to develop an excellent rapport with Jacqui, I would definitely recommend her to others.
Sara Newman
Google Review
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Jacqueline was highly professional, experienced, caring, positive and knowledgeable in my experience. She provided easy to follow tools and advice to both of us for communicating in a better way to improve our relationship, and space to do so while being considerate of our emotional well-being too. It feels scary and emotional at times but also worth doing the work, I valued her honesty and intent on a good outcome, and trust in her abilities to help couples during difficult times in their relationship.
Rachael CollinsClient Review
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I would highly recommend Jacqui. Her knowledge and tools helped us mend and save our marriage when we were stuck and thought there was little hope of recovering. We committed to her step by step program that we worked through together; Which taught us to communicate and work through our issues.
Simon Carter
Google Review
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Most Excellent!
ConfidentialClient Review
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We came in feeling hopeless and preparing for divorce and left with hope.
Kate KoopmansClient Review
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I went off the tracks a few times and nearly crashed but with the tools provided in the program, I used those to avoid crashing and steered my way back onto the track.
ConfidentialClient Review
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By the 12th appointment it was really clear why Jacqui structures the program the way she has. We did the majority of our sessions via Zoom calls, this worked really well for us with young kids and having a distance to travel to get to Bendigo. The program is very confronting and you learn a lot about yourself and your partner, but Jacqui is very supportive and adds cheeky humour to lighten the mood along the way. Our marriage is still not perfect, but we are getting there and the tools and techniques we learnt throughout the program will be with us for life. For this, I thank you Jacqui and would recommend you to anyone of any age.
A LClient Feedback
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"Thank you so much for the affirmation, I love it and will use it everyday from now on... With her and yourself in my corner, I’m sure I can keep progressing to be the person I want to be and that my family deserve. Thanks again Jacqui, you’re a legend."
A FClient Feedback
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"Our communication has been great! Conversations have been enjoyable and [husband] is really enjoying the deep breathing exercises and meditation."
ConfidentialClient Feedback
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"I think we are making progress as we have talked a lot more openly about this recent issue and moved on a lot quicker than we would have in the past. I had a lot of self awareness around my responses and reactions and have not punished him for the mistake. I’m feeling much better this morning."
A DClient Feedback
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"Thank goodness I found you. You have done more for me than any counsellor I’ve ever been to before."

Empowering Relationship Program & Expert Support

Proven Program - Specifically Developed for Couples by Jacqui

Be supported every step of the way…

Jacqui’s proven Save My Marriage Program has helped hundreds of couples to repair their relationship and lead happier, healthier lives.

Get all the ‘tools & resources’ you need to turn your relationship around and maintain a happy, healthy relationship.

Save My Marriage Program Package

Jacqui Hogan - Trained & Experienced Couples Counsellor

Relax. You’re in safe hands…

Jacqui is a highly trained couples counsellor with over 22 years experience. Get professional, expert support you need when you need it most.

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Connect Online From Any Location

Easily connect from anywhere, and start repairing your relationship online using zoom. It’s super easy and it’s like we are in the same room.

I’m now based in McCrae, on the Mornington Peninsula just an hour from Melbourne. I see couples in-person and online from all over Australia and beyond, including…

  • McCrae
  • Mornington
  • Frankston
  • Melbourne
  • Macedon ranges
  • Gisborne
  • Bendigo
  • Castlemaine
  • Kyneton
  • Woodend
  • Darwin
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Canberra
  • Adelaide
  • Tasmania
  • Queensland
  • FIFO folks
  • Remote & Rural Australia
  • & Even overseas in California!

Do you live nearby or further away? In any case, don’t let distance be a barrier to getting the best help and support you need during this difficult time.

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Marriage Counselling & Support - Understand There is Hope.

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Jacqueline Hogan Couples Counsellor - Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne
Jacqui Hogan - Couples Counsellor, BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Level 3, RLT Level 3

I’ve helped hundreds of couples turn their relationship around.

I understand you might be feeling uneasy about relationship counselling, but rest assured there is nothing to worry about.

Most people feel calm and relaxed with me after the first few minutes as we begin our journey together.

Get in touch using the form below to learn more, hear how I can help you with a free short chat, and start repairing your relationship today.

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