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Life Values Mastery

By Jacqueline Hogan & Lee Ashby 2024

Life Values Mastery: Live With Passion & Purpose

Our new eBook ‘Life Values Mastery’ is now available!

Unlock your potential and take on new opportunities in 2024!

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Lee and Jacqui
Lee & Jacqui

Your Guide to Personal Transformation

Embark on a journey of transformation by mastering the fundamentals of Life Values.

Immerse yourself in the depths of wisdom that Life Values unlock.

Gain personal insights with intriguing questions for powerful personal change.

Uncover the empowering advantages that living a life in harmony with your values provides.

Start Your Journey

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Insightful questions drive personal insights

Discover all this and more in the Free Life Values Mastery ebook

Are you ready to elevate your lifestyle and revolutionise what’s possible!?

Start with the essentials and accelerate towards a life filled with passion & purpose.

Written by Jacqui Hogan – Couples Counsellor & Lee Ashby – Life Coach

unlock your life values

Unlock New Opportunites

Discover your life values and unlock the doors to empowering personal transformation. Tap into a greater sense of fulfillment and start living a values-led lifestyle.

Starting with ‘what are values’ – be guided on a profound journey of self-discovery. Unearth the values behind your beliefs – and how you’ve become to be ‘you’.

Delve into the intricate tapestry of Life Values and learn how to harness their profound power and influence.

Live authentically and in alignment with your values & principles. Discover your true potential and ‘raise the bar’.

Let profound new insights be your compass. Dare to lead a life of ‘passion & purpose’.

shared values for relationships

Meaningful Relationships

Get more of what you really want in life & relationships by living in alignment with your life values.

Integrate shared values mindfully into your daily considerations, for happier relationships & communication.

Enjoy the benefits of your values-driven mindset and make a difference with less stress and conflict.

Enhance your self-awareness & relational-awareness and tap into the benefits of ‘being on the same page’.

Strengthen your identity & create resilient relationships. Surprise yourself of what’s possible!

Add meaning and purpose in your relationship and support each other to be the best you can be.

values empowered success

Values Driven Success

Challenge yourself with advanced concepts and breakthrough fears & limiting beliefs to achieve dreams that might seem impossible right now.

Develop unshakeable resilience to get through difficult times.

Go beyond the basics and get an ‘unfair advantage’ with dynamic values.

Be adaptable in the moment, ‘leave work at work’ – just like James Bond!

Amplify the impact you make as a leader. Understand others and create an inclusive culture.

Nurture your relationships on a deeper level. Spur intriguing deeper conversations.

Implement Advanced Concepts

Enhance your connections beyond borders and embrace a deeper understanding.

Explore the full spectrum of Life Values and how the unlimited and dynamic combinations shape peoples beliefs, identity, attitudes and behaviours.

Who's it For?

Life Values Mastery is a short but power-packed eBook all about unlocking the power of values for your happiness & success.

It’s essential reading for anyone seeking a higher path to greater levels of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Over 34 pages discover what’s behind your beliefs and learn how values can propel you toward new heights.

Let this eBook and your values serve as your guiding light, helping you navigate the intricate terrain of aligning your life with your empowering vision.

Discover how living in harmony with your values can infuse your life with passion, purpose & fulfilment.

Reshape your world with ‘Life Values Mastery’.

For people struggling to find their way in life, ‘Life Values Mastery’ offers a beacon of hope through personal transformation.

Go beyond ‘crystals & candles’, and make a meaningful difference in your life.

Start with education & personal reflection to squeeze the juice out of your insights. Power your personal transformation with a deeper sense of self and a clear vision.

Let Life Values be your trusted guide toward being the person you desire to be. Redefine who you are and break through limiting beliefs.

For people familiar with Life Values this eBook helps you tap into richer ways of living, underscored by Life Values.

Add weight to your beliefs and principles. Strengthen your identity and lead others. Grow in new ways you’re yet to imagine.

Unlock your hidden potential and generate new ideas. Collaborate beyond borders and across cultures.

Redefine what’s possible.

Get a sharper sense of clarity and share your vision effectively with others.

Whether you’re well-versed in the world of values or just beginning your journey, this eBook will elevate your understanding and empower you to live a passionate and purpose-driven life.

Download your copy for free below.

Ebook Preview

Sample pages from Life Values Mastery

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