Rate Your Confidence and Self-Worth

Are you under selling yourself?

For many people confidence and self-worth go hand in hand. A boost in self-worth can increase your confidence, and visa versa.

On the flip-side low confidence and low self worth can both become detrimental to anyone struggling to escape the grips of personal issues, or setbacks.

Sometimes you might feel like you just cant catch a break and its “one bloody thing after another”.

It can be difficult at times to see the “forest from the trees”, which is why it’s so powerful to have the courage, resources and confidence to climb the tree, get your bearings and look further afield to positive new pastures.

Close your eyes now. (well after you’ve read this bit)… and imagine you are feeling lost and lonely in a forest. You just cant find your way, you keep stumbling around banging your knee and cutting your hands on sharp thorns. You have cuts and bruises and you’re getting frustrated because everything seems out to get you.

low confidence

Feeling Trapped

With no support and hardly any resources it’s easy to feel like giving up.

You might have negative thoughts of –  “I’m so stupid, I cant even find my way through here”. These thoughts lower your confidence and self worth.

You may think to yourself,  “I probably cant even light a fire”.

This may be a familiar parallel to your own life at different times.

Now imagine – You summon the courage from within to find a better way. Climbing a nearby tree is difficult at first but you know if you can reach the top you can get a new perspective on your surrounds. You risk going higher and higher, but as you do your confidence in your self and your ability strengthens.

Looking out beyond the trees you can see clearly. The sun is shining and lights up what lies ahead. What do you see? Mountains, a clearing? a nearby village? roads, cars, people?

With this new information instilled in your mind and body, you are able to descend the tree and set off in the right direction with a new found confidence and vigour.

Knowing deep within, you are on the right path.

confidence self-worth

Confidence & Self-worth

You are now unstoppable! You can cross streams, traverse rocky ledges and tackle whatever comes your way. Having the confidence in your direction inspires self-worth. You look after yourself, protect yourself and even have the ability to help others and lead. Happiness follows – seemingly without even trying!

You can see how a simple ‘vision’ and goal inspires you to:

  • Become unstuck
  • Believe in yourself
  • Boost confidence
  • Respect yourself and increase your self worth.
  • Lead and motivate others
  • Be resilient and persevere
  • Be happy!
  • Achieve your goals.


The key is finding the strength within when times are tough – just one step after the other.


My Confidence & Self Worth Quiz

Welcome to the quiz!

How confident are you?

Do you love and respect yourself?

Would you crumble if all of your supports were to disappear?


Complete this short quiz to gauge your level of confidence and self worth.
Note: Results are not a formal diagnosis and are an indication only - based on your answers provided.


  • Answer each question as truthfully as possible.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Add your name and email and click submit to get your 'score'.
  • A general description will be provided based on your score to indicate your level of confidence and self worth.


After the quiz you will have fresh insights into your 'self'. Some questions and answers may surprise you. I'd love to hear your feedback about the quiz, so please leave a comment in the box at the end or feel free to send me an email at info@jacquelinehogan.com

1. I feel good about myself?

I feel like I am doing well?


I don’t worry about others regarding me as a success or failure?


I have the confidence to address any self-limiting beliefs I may have on my own?


I notice and adjust my behaviour if I am not living up to my own expectations?


I hold my head high and am proud of my achievements?


I walk tall and deliberately articulate my posture to display my confidence, without being too cocky?


I don’t hesitate to take on new challenges and learn new things?


I weigh up my options and make decisions carefully for most things?

10. I consider myself a trailblazer and love doing things no one else has done?

I feel comfortable resolving personal or work conflicts with little to no stress?


I reluctantly do favours for people more often than I’d like?


I worry about being liked and accepted. At work / with friends / family?


I prefer to not get close to people for fear of getting hurt / rejected?


I feel like I don’t have much time for ‘me’ anymore?


I don’t really mind living in a messy home?


I’ve let myself go physically and don’t really mind anymore?

18. Healthy eating. Who wins - You or the cake?
19. If I lose a friendly game, I feel devastated or down for days?
20. In general I speak up and express my point of view?

I don’t hesitate to put off important tasks over ensuring I have quality time for myself / socialising / rest?


I rely heavily on a ‘vice’ to get me through the day / week – coffee, alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping, sex, gambling?

23. I don't need to plan ahead and can make changes to my schedule as I go?

I enjoy shopping and often buy new things to feel good, rather than out of necessity?


I often ask leading questions in order to get a compliment, such as, How do you like my dress / suit / hair?


While driving you can find your own way to a new destination based on loose verbal directions?


I feel disappointed in myself if I forget to clean my teeth morning or night?


I generally have a plan for my life and am on track to achieving my goals?

29. Moving house to a new city for a better job or lifestyle makes me feel?

I feel I have the power to make my life better and help others?


I feel I could get another job that satisfies me easily if I had to?

Thanks for completing the quiz!

Fill in your details and click submit to get a view and receive a copy of your results.


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  1. Bec Jennings says:

    Jacqui the quiz was excellent and insightful. I liked the recommendations that were provided based on my score. Given me some good ideas on how to improve my confidence and life generally. Thank you.