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Life Values

How to Play?

life values instructions

5 Ways To Play

Select your top 10 Life Values and rank them in priority.

Browse the cards and pick out the Life Values that feel the most important to you. Don’t worry about the colour or the questions in this game. Just focus on selecting your top 10 most important Life Values.

Having a hard time choosing? One way to help narrow down your choice is by comparing one Life Value against another and choosing only one.

Once you have your top 10 Life Values, reflect on them, ask yourself how well do you live by them?

Make a personal statement (one or two sentences) that describe you and your Life Values.

For Life Values that didn’t make your top 10 – Be sure to check out the “Moving Towards Life Values” game in the More Ways to Play section below.

Contemplate the Life Value questions and reflect on your response.

Simply browse the cards at your leisure and ponder the questions. Be curious and ask yourself further questions, how you might live by them, what they mean to you or how they relate to other values and other parts of your life.

Tip: Pick a Life Values card each day to inspire your journalling and meditation sessions.

Select your top 5 Life Values from each of the 8 Life Theme colour categories.

This game is all about life balance and is very rewarding. After choosing 5 Life Values from each of the 8 colours reflect on what you have chosen. Explore the relationship between the Life Values and how they influence or compliment each other.

What stands out as ‘Missing’ or ‘Over represented’? What needs to change? How has the balance changed over time?

Ask each other Life Value questions. Have fun and get to know each other deeply.

Take in turns to ask each other questions, and remember to listen deeply and provide plenty of time and space for their response.

Feel free to ask natural follow up questions to continue their train of thought into wonderful passages of dialogue, insight, stories, experiences and more.

Tip: Learn more about deep communication here

Identify common Life Values and discuss how you live in alignment with your values.

Play with your partner and family. Compare and discuss your top 10 personal Life Values.

What Life Values do you have in common? What would a top 20 Life Values for your relationship look like?

What are your top 10 Life Values as a family?

How do you live by your Life Values? What specifically do you do to live in alignment with your Life Values? Where is there room for improvement?

How balanced are our shared values? Are there any Life Theme Colours missing or over-represented? Why? Is this a problem?

Make a family or relationship statement based on your shared Life Values that celebrates who and what your relationship or family is all about.

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Reflect & Explore the Origins of your Life Values

More Ways to Play

Select your top ‘Moving Towards’ Life Values.

Let me guess, you had lot’s of Life Values cards you loved but they didn’t all make the cut into your Top 10 Core Life Values?

That’s where ‘Moving Towards’ Life Values come in. These are the Life Values that inspire you, intrigue you and motivate you.

They may be Life Values that have been missing or negelected from being part of your life for one reason or another. Put them into your ‘Moving Toward’ Life Values list.

Limit the list as much as you reasonably can. This will help with clarity and taking action.

Tip: Be sure to check out the ‘Project Empowerment’ game  below to help you take action and live in alignment with your Life Values.

Identify ‘Moving Away from’ Life Values that have been keeping you stuck or are no longer serving you.

Perhaps you have become overly dependent on a Life Value or need to create space for your new ‘Moving Toward’ Life Values.

Browse the Life Values cards and see what stands out as something to  ‘Move Away’ from.

Reflect on any insights you’ve discovered and now find the ‘opposite’ of the ‘Moving Away From’ Life Value.

For example, you might have discovered that you need to ‘Move Away’ from “Completion”. Perhaps the desire for completion was taking up way too much of your time for little to no reward.

The opposite of “Completion” that resonates with you might be “Adaptable”.

Shift your focus to this Life Value and reflect on how you can live and ‘be’ more “Adaptable”.

Let go of the Moving Away from Life Value (Completion). You don’t need it anymore, as your focus is now on it’s opposite. eg Becoming more “Adaptable”.

Select the Life Values you need to complete a project or overcome a problem.

Browse the Life Values cards with a specific project or task in mind. What Life Values do you need to succeed and accomplish this project?

Perhaps you need help from other’s and require someone with a unique set or combination of Life Values?

After browsing the deck you will now have a core set of Life Values that will empower you and other’s to complete the project and solve problems as they arise.

How have your Life Values changed throughout your life?

Choose an age or defining time in your life and select your top 10 Life Values from this time period.

What was driving your behaviour at the time? What were you thinking about? What did you desire? What did you want to feel?

Find a quiet space and reflect on your Life Values from this time period. Acknowledge the change and growth you have made to now.

Tips:  Journal about your change. What are you grateful for? What or who has empowered your change?

This exercise is an excellent way for couples to learn more about each others past and is a Love Maps building block – increasing ‘fondness and admiration’



Discover the Life Values of a friend, mentor or someone you look up to.

What makes them tick? What are they driven by? What’s the secret to their success? How do they prioritise and achieve a happy balance? What sacrifice have they made? What insights can I apply to my own life?

How you go about this ‘game’ is up to you. A friendly conversation could be the way to go or perhaps a formal set of tailored questions is more appropriate.

The aim here is to learn more about this person and unpack what their Life Values are. Chances are they will learn something about themselves and have you to thank for it!


Create a sharp vision for your future using the Life Values cards as a narrative tool.

Whether its a personal vision board or a shared vision board for couples, using Life Values as a narrative tool is an excellent way to add depth and meaning to your vision.

Browse the deck and use the Life Values as talking points to shape your ideal vision.

Leave no stone un-turned. Connect with the emotion, desire and real meaning behind your vision and what you want.

Create life balance and find your highest priorities.

For couples its a chance to connect, share and understand each other.

Click here to lean more about our experience using Life Values cards as a narrative tool for a shared relationship vision board.

Do you have an idea for a game?

Send us an email with your game and we will be sure to add it to the list for all to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Help You?

life-values-monkey waving

Yes! Children aged 10+ will benefit the most by learning about their personal and family values. Parental guidance & supervision is suggested while playing with children. Parents may prefer to remove certain cards from the deck to suit the age and stage of development.

We have tried to create the most unique and concise set of Life Values we could. You are free to add in your own Life Value’s as you see fit. If you think we are missing an important one, drop us a line and let us know.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself questions to get to the actual Life Value. For example if you love ‘sport’ and ‘sport’ is not a Life Value. You need to ask why you love sport. Is it the comradarie, the fitness, the community, the challenge?… Reflect and thou shall be rewarded!

Certainly! Life Values can be used in so many ways! If you have a great game that’s not listed, why not let us know all about it!

Core Values are the values you hold dear, they are the pillars that support how you live your life. You strive to uphold and honour your core values at all times.

While your description can vary, your core values shape the essence of who you are, what you believe in and stand for. Your core values influence your behaviours, attitude, mindset, principles, language, relationships and actions.

Good Question! It’s up to you. This is the challenge. It’s all about communication and compromise. Listening and understanding. Discovering what the Life Values mean to each of you. Finding common ground is the goal. Your relationship moves with the times too, so some shared Life Values can ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ like a tide going in and out, as you need.

Beliefs are things you’ve come to understand based on your unique life experience. Your beliefs begin forming during your childhood years as you start to make sense of the world and assign meaning onto things. Your beliefs can therefore influence what you value. For example if you believe you were overly restricted as a teenager, you may value Freedom, Risk and Adventure in your twenties and beyond. Or you may still value security and comfort based on your upbringing and belief (the worlds scary & my parents know best). It’s very unique to the individual.

Raising self awareness of your Values allows you to compare, question and take control of your Life Values and your Beliefs. As you learn, grow and mature you may come to understand that some of your beliefs are not entirely true, are outdated, or are simply the views of your parents.

Understanding your Life Values enables you to take charge of your beliefs and ultimately do your best to live in alignment with them.

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