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How to be a Good Listener

Avoid the these communication pitfalls and become a better listener. Mindfully interpret what’s really being said and respond with purpose and compassion.

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Visualise Your Perfect Relationship

Visualise your perfect relationship and let your imagination plant the seeds toward having a happy and fulfilling relationship. Everything starts with a vision!

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Life Values for Relationships

Marriage Counsellor – Jacqui Hogan Explores the Benefits Couples Experience From Knowing & Understanding Their Life Values. [Free Video]

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Lower Your Defense Mechanisms

What are your defense mechanisms? Discover how lowering your defenses can lead to better relationships, honest communication, clarity and happiness!

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Self Reflection For Couples – Naikan Exercise

Discover three simple yet powerful questions for self reflection based on the Japanese Naikan exercise. Strengthen your relationship with a fresh perspective and discuss your insights for clarity and connection.

deep communication

Your Guide to Deep Communication

Discover the benefits of deep communication and improve your relationships. Move beyond the superficial and engage in conversations that inspire and unite!

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Concepts for Couples Counselling Success

Repair Your Relationship With 14 Insightful Concepts. Learn How To Best Prepare For Couples Counselling & Get That Loving Feeling Back Sooner Rather Than Later!

Prepare for Couples Counselling

Getting the most out of couples counselling starts with preparation. Learn key tips and simple steps to get the most from your counselling session.


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