Life Values – Therapist Resources

Lead Empowering Sessions with Life Values

Life Values group workshop

Help Your Clients

Create Life Balance
Get Clarity
Make Bold Decisions
Set Healthy Habits
Be Positive
Be Confident
Know Themselves
Understand Others
Live in Alignment

…And that’s just scratching the surface!

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Get Breakthroughs & Meaningful Outcomes

Comprehensive Set of Values

  • 220 Life Values Cards
  • 8 Life Theme Colours
  • Intriguing questions
  • Desktop display cradle
  • Multiple ways to help clients
  • Free downloadable workbook
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Client Experience & Benefits

  • Start conversations
  • Breakthrough surface layer issues
  • Interactive client-lead discovery
  • Deep reflection & processing
  • Insightful & inspiring

Downloadable Workbook & Deeper Questions

Created by Couples Counsellor Jacqueline Hogan

Free Delivery

 $79 Including Free Delivery (Australia wide)

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