Are You Having Your Weekly Couples Catch-up?

What is a Weekly Couples Catch-up?

The Gottman’s talk about something called ‘State of the Union’.

Most people from Australia won’t know what that means. But don’t worry, it’s really all about a weekly catch-up with your partner to talk about your relationship and take care of the ‘little things’ on a regular basis.

It’s a bit like a ‘family meeting’ but for your relationship.

Held regularly, there are lot’s of benefits that make having a ‘weekly couples catch-up’ a great idea.

couple catchup
Have Your Weekly Couples Catchup Outside or Somewhere Different

Why You Need a Weekly Couples Catch-up

Top Benefits for your Relationship

  • Top benefits include – Feeling heard by your partner.
  • A chance to bring up small things, and minor worries before they are bigger issues.
  • A ritual of connection
  • A chance to reflect on what’s working well during the busy week.
  • Feel connected, working together and feeling on the ‘same team’.
  • Sharing responsibility for the growth and happiness of your relationship and family.
  • Resolve potential problems / upcoming conflicts ahead of time.
  • Understand how each other are feeling / coping through the week.
  • Creates an opportunity to support each other and know each other’s world.

How would experiencing the benefits above help you?

Would you feel…

  • Less stressed
  • Supported and understood
  • A sense of clarity
  • A sense of organisation
  • An outlet for worry / thoughts
  • A stronger sense of trust & connection
  • Proud of your teamwork
  • Excited for the future
  • Confident and calm

What to Talk About?

Good Communication for Smooth Sailing

  • Reflect on what’s working well in your relationship and life.
  • Let your partner know what you appreciate about them. Try and come up with 5 specific things.
  • Raise any issues that have come up, or mention any problems on the horizon.
  • Practice using soft-startup when you are talking about these things calmly. (Practice is key)
  • Select one issue to talk through and resolve. Use all your communication skills and knowledge to reach a compromise, intermediate solution, etc.

Select one issue to talk through and resolve. Use all your communication skills and knowledge to reach a compromise, intermediate solution, etc.

Ask Good Questions. Listen. Small Details Matter

  • Ask each other questions – what they need? How you can help?
  • Confirm key details and dates for events and activities.
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones.
  • Touch base with your plans, shared values, goals, vision, etc.
smooth sailing

Download the Couples Catchup Agenda

Stay on topic by using the agenda to structure your couples catch-up conversation.

Don’t worry if you go off topic. They key is to start the conversation and have your weekly catchup. Build the habit of connectng, talking, sharing and build a healthy, sustainable and loving relationship!

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