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“It’s Something Special we Look Forward to Each Day”

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“Reading a Love Sparks Affirmation is the First Thing We do Each Morning.”

Jacqueline Hogan
Couples Counsellor - Jacqueline Hogan

Created by Jacqueline Hogan

Each Love Sparks card has been carefully crafted by Couples Counsellor, Jacqueline Hogan.

With 101 Love Sparks affirmations in each deck – express your love deeply across intricate relationship themes.

Perfect for married couples and newly-weds – Discover all the ways you can play below.

Fun Ways to Play

Daily Love Sparks

Select a random Love Spark from the deck to be your affirmation for the day. Share what it means for you with each other.

Couples Support

Browse the deck and choose one or more specific Love Sparks to help support you right now with a particular relationship challenge.

Relationship Strength

Choose a Love Spark for you to grow stronger in. Read it multiple times throughout the day. Share what you notice with each other.

Weekend Inspiration

Feeling flat? Browse the deck and pick 5 inspirational Love Spark affirmations to spawn ideas for the weekend. Make it happen!

Helping Others

Does someone you care about need support? A carefully selected Love Spark could be the token of support they need.

Emotional Stability

Choose 3 Love Sparks for emotional strength and stability. Keep them in your pocket or on your desk for the next 3 days.

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