Coping in Advance – 4 Step Strategy

Caught by Surprise

Do you remember a time when you were caught by surprise and felt blindsided by something you didn’t expect.

At the time you may recall being speechless’, shocked and in disbelief.

Depending on how you respond to something out of the blue, you may have felt angry, deeply hurt or a whole sea of emotions all at once.

Afterwards it is natural to feel ‘fear and apprehension’ the scenario will repeat itself, so your guard goes up and your behaviour changes…

Defensiveness & Avoidance

Learning to cope in advance will help give you confidence to cope, and reduce feelings of uncertainty.

If you have been avoiding situations out of fear or unease, based on ‘potential’ then coping in advance can help you get back into the swing of things and attend functions and events with less stress and worry on what ‘might’ happen.

It’s important that couples talk about coping in advance, and are on the same page about boundaries, and how you are preparing to ‘cope in advance’…

Together, with this new found confidence and coping strategy up your sleeve you may even begin to ‘move on’ from past experiences and begin to feel joy, optimism and trust.

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Download the simple exercise and feel at ease as you attend your next event, by coping in advance.

Download the Exercise

This simple four step exercise gives

coping in advance

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