Restore Life Balance

Discover Unfulfilled Desires

Unmet needs in your relationship and life lead to emotional turmoil.

If symptoms persist – what are you going to do?


Or rush to get a diagnosis / prescription?

Life Balance Checkup

Could feelings of anger, frustration, stress and burnout be due to a life simply out of balance?

Could loneliness, feelings of low self worth, even depression and apathy be caused by a life simply out of balance?

Does it make sense to ask yourself some questions and take a look at ourselves first, before we get labelled, and treat the symptoms.

What if we make a change to address the root cause, and handled our emotions maturely?

But Change is Hard!

And everything is stacked against you. Right?

Life isn’t easy, and at times you can feel like throwing in the towel and doing what’s easy. I get it, but is easy a wise choice?

Understand Your Balance

The first step is to get insights and a deep understanding of your Life Balance and use it as a tool to discover root causes of unmet needs.

Then you can choose to do something about it, if you choose to.  You can continue to to feel sad about your predicament, or take responsibility and say…

“You know what… There is something I can do about this”

Download and Complete the Life Balance Wheel

The Life Balance Wheel is nothing new, and has been used by many coaches and counsellors to help clients ‘see for themselves’ and get a deep understanding across multiple dimensions at once.

The Life Balance wheel uses 10 Life Theme areas. It’s a great starting point to discover what areas of your life are out of balance and may need addressing.

Could these unfulfilled areas be the source of your emotional turmoil?

Couples can each complete a Life Balance Wheel and talk about their results. See where you both are out of balance, and talk through ways of improving Life Balance.


Download the PDF, print it or use a graphics program on your device to colour in your Life Theme areas from 1 unfulfilled to 10 fulfilled and see what you discover.

Download the PDF

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