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Couples counselling is a type of therapy that helps couples process emotions, address conflict, and improve their relationship.

Through couples counselling, partners can gain a better understanding of each other, learn effective communication skills, and develop solutions to their relationship issues.

All of Jacqui’s sessions are at least 90 minutes long, so there is plenty of time to talk, listen, reflect, process, learn, laugh and repair.

With the right attitude it’s a very rewarding experience.

Marriage counselling can help couples work through a variety of issues. Common areas I help couples with include, communication problems, infidelity, trust issues, values conflict, disagreements, parenting & family stressors, mental health, behaviour, and more. I conduct a thorough assessment with every couple to ensure Couples Counselling is appropriate.

The simple answer is yes! In some ways it can be easier, as you are calling in from the comfort of home. Therefore you can be feeling more relaxed and secure at home.

Recent research has shown that online therapy can be just as effective as in-person, and client satisfaction is also the same. (https://www.center4research.org/does-online-therapy-work/)

I believe it boils down to your personal preference & convenience. 

I overcome many limitations of online therapy by checking in with you, and being tuned in to your body language, facial expressions, tone and more. So rest assured that Couples Counselling is just as effective as in-person counselling.

Almost all the couples who try online couples counselling with me have a great experience and are happy to continue counselling online. It’s not a barrier to their experience or success.

However I understand some clients and therapists may have a preference for in-person therapy over online.

There’s no doubting though, online sessions sure are convenient!

Yes, I use Zoom. It’s easy, free, reliable, secure, and provides a great quality experience.

You can use it on your computer, or mobile device. Visit the zoom website to learn more.

This is a difficult question to answer, as every couple is different and there are a number of contributing factors at play. After our first discovery session together, I will have a good sense about you and your relationship needs.

Further assessment is the first step in my Save My Marriage program and helps us work together in a collaborative and targeted way.

Research indicates 12 to 20 sessions (or equivalent) is required for couples to achieve significant improvements in their relationship.

Personally, I find that couples who put in the effort and do the work between sessions get the best results – hands down.

Couples Counselling in Australia is not covered by the Medicare scheme. I am guided by the Australian Psychology Society recommended rates, and my initial discovery session is $380 (inclusive of GST) for a full 90 minute session.

Your discovery session is a welcome relief and you’ll be feeling much more confident and hopeful for the future.

After our first session, I provide you with my feedback and recommendations. This includes any suitable program options, including pricing and payment options.

I primarily work with couples who are a great fit for my programs. This allows you to achieve the outcomes you desire sooner.

Yes. I use zoom for our online sessions, and zoom uses encrypted data transmission, similar to your online banking etc.

Zoom is considered ‘safe and secure’ for online therapy sessions.

In addition, any client notes I create are stored securely with encryption.

These two resources I’ve developed, are great starting points to help you prepare and get the most from couples counselling.

Here are 10 tips to help you set up zoom and get the best quality experience from your session.

  1. Check your video and microphone are working before your session.
  2. Check your device is working well and update zoom to the latest version.
  3. Make sure your internet is working well and you have a stable connection from the location you are joining from.
  4. Check your lighting is adequate so I can see you. Avoid lights or windows behind you.
  5. Sit together so I can see you both at the same time. A stable webcam at eye height is a big help.
  6. Avoid distractions and interruptions like phones, children, alarms, other people, etc.
  7. Have a pen & paper handy, your program folders, and anything else to keep you comfortable for your session. A drink bottle or blanket could be handy to have close by.
  8.  Speak clearly and one at a time for me to hear and understand you easily. Being in a quiet location also helps.
  9. A laptop or computer with a nice big screen to see each other clearly is preferred over a smaller device. I sometimes share my screen, so being able to read text and view diagrams clearly is also helpful.
  10. Get comfortable, relax, and prepare for your session. Showing up at your best with a healthy attitude will go a long way to getting the most out of Couples Counselling and who knows you might even enjoy the experience!

While my programs are geared toward repairing relationships and saving marriages, break ups do occour and this is normal. While a break up can be emotional, it’s often the best choice at the time, for each other – all things considered.

During this time, I support you, and help you manage your emotions, and differences.

I have a range of resources and therapeutic frameworks to help you communicate, remain respectful, and amicably compromise.

Couples Counselling helps each individual, and our work can support you in future relationships or even getting back together, depending on each of your goals.

Your time is valuable, and a broken relationship in distress is painful, so it’s in your best interests to get the right help fast.

Wasting time and money with someone who is not a specialist or not the right fit is going to be frustrating and could drive you even further apart.

Couples Counselling is a specialist area, so finding someone who only works with couples and relationship issues (like me) is highly recommended.

An experienced counsellor with extensive training can help you with ‘what’s really going on’ beneath the surface sooner; And can handle delicate situations with sensitivity, tact and confidence.

A counsellor who has training in many areas (multi-disciplinary) can help people in different ways & different areas. Perfect for couples who prefer to learn or comprehend things in different ways, or have multiple contributing factors influencing the health of the relationship.

Do you need support in an additional specialist area? Common related & specialty areas include:

  • Sex therapy
  • Same sex relationships
  • Anger / domestic violence
  • Alcohol / drug dependency
  • Depression / anxiety / mental health
  • Gambling / behaviour
  • PTSD / trauma
  • Health / weight

Availability and consistency of your counsellor is another important consideration. I believe having the one counsellor who can be there for you, know you, understand you, and celebrate with you is worth it’s weight in gold.

Finally, it’s all about client fit, personality and professionalism.

You can click here to learn more about me.

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