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Wheel of Emotion – What Are You Really Feeling?

Being Mindful of What You are Feeling

Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on the term to describe how we are feeling. A high level descriptor such as “happy” or “sad” is likely to come to mind first. Yet if you dig a little deeper you might uncover more accurate feelings and emotions that better describe your current mood or behaviour.

Why would you want to do that?

Several reasons actually.

One is because being mindful of what you are really feeling can help you identify possible reasons why.

Two, you can shift your thinking from “I am Sad” to “I am feeling sad…because more deeply I feel (example: ashamed, fragile, remorseful)

Three with this deeper understanding of your emotions you can begin to shift and re-frame your thinking or move through emotions naturally.

Working with me in my 90-day coaching program or popular ‘Save my Marriage’ program we delve deeper into emotions, mindfulness, behaviour change, and self-awareness further. The “Think Love Kindness” mindfulness and meditation program and other guided audios in the members area help you get started using these powerful life skills.

Simply, by being more aware of your emotions you can choose the way you shape your life, work and relationships. You can choose to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and enjoy the moments you value in your day, for a happier and more fulfilling life.

wheel of emotion
Wheel of Emotion

To help you recognise what you’re feeling click here to view the ‘Wheel of Emotion – PDF’ (based on the work of Prof. Robert Plutchik)

Explore the Relationship Between Your Emotions & Your Life Values

As I state in the ‘About Life Values’ page…

“Living by your values creates a sense of harmony and satisfaction. Not living by your values automatically creates uncertainty, conflict and imbalance. This is often experienced as frustration and anger. Sadness, despair and disappointment.”

Understanding Your Values

And the Life Values of Others…Open’s up so many wonderful and empowering opportunities. Which is why I’ve developed and just released the new card game & therapeutic resource Life Values.

Who could you become with profound clarity of your Life Values?

Discover for yourself. Click on Learn More below.

Jacqui Hogan Life Values Card Game
Jacqui Hogan - Life Values

Life Values