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Loving Me Now – Free Guided Meditation

Strengthen Your Relationship with Self-Love

Relax and unwind deeply with Jacqui’s guided meditation.

Embark on a gentle hypnotic journey toward self love and inner peace.

This free version is 22 minutes long, and by investing this time for your self, you pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

Top tips:

  • Use headphones and find a nice quiet space where you wont be disturbed.
  • Listen often. (Once a day / Every week)
  • Journal about what you notice
  • Encourage your partner to listen / practice self-love

Dissolve Stress & Embrace Self-Compasion

Reduce stress, feel grounded, calm and dissolve tension to open space for self-love and compassion. Find clarity, and develop a positive mindset. This meditation also helps you break free from Negative Sentiment Override.

loving me now - meditation
Loving Me Now - Free Guided Meditation for Self-care & Self-love

Benefits Go Beyond the Individual

The funny thing about practising self-love, is that it offers profound benefits for your partner too.

By embracing self-love, you reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. All qualities I’m sure you’d appreciate in your partner.

Self-awareness and emotional resilience is key for healthier communication, deeper connection and smoother conversations.

For couples, imagine the possibilities if both partners are practising self-love and have a healthy sense of ‘self’.

Benefits for the relationship include:

  • More kindness and shared respect.
  • Feeling heard and a shared understanding.
  • Nurturing a supportive environment for growth and happiness.

So remember, self-love is not ‘all about you’ it’s equally as important for your partner and the relationship. Practice self love and self care to support the foundation of your relationship – allowing your relationship to flourish!

Play 'Loving Me Now' - By Jacqueline Hogan

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