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Enjoy ‘Smooth Conversations’ with your partner and repair relationship problems calmly.

How to Use Smooth Conversations - For Couples

Learn all about the breakthrough resource for couples.

Repair relationship problems and restore communication in your relationship.

Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use Smooth Conversations

What Are 'Smooth Conversations'?

Discover how you can reduce arguing and blame and start repairing your relationship with Smooth Conversations.

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Calm conversations, clarity and deeper understanding lead to loving relationships and happier lives.
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Specially Crafted for Improving Couples Communication

Smooth Conversations have been meticulously designed by Couples Counsellor – Jacqueline Hogan to help you improve communication in your relationship.

Start softly and understand each other by exploring each other’s world in a safe and positive way. Maintain the integrity of your relationship as you work through your problems and discuss your issues together.

Four categories of cards guide you through a conversation, to resolve and repair from difficult and sensitive issues.

Address the Burning Problem in Your Relationship

Almost all couples I work with are struggling with communication. Many identify it as a primary burning issue in their relationship. My clients love Smooth Conversations because they are easy to use – in the moment. It’s like having a counsellor by your side!

Ask the Right Questions for Better Outcomes

Smooth Conversations have 101 cards, each with a carefully crafted question to guide you through a peaceful and constructive conversation. Asking the right questions steers your conversation in a positive direction toward a better outcome.

Build trust, respect and new love with confidence as you improve your communication.

The Secret to Great Couples Communication

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Progress through the ‘Conversation Arc’ and experience the difference of a heart-warming ‘smooth conversation’.

Nurture your relationship through difficult conversations.

Be inspired to become the best partner you can be.

With 101 carefully crafted question cards to guide you, let all your conversations be ‘smooth conversations’

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Enjoying Smooth Conversations - What will it mean for your relationship?

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