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Have ‘Smooth Conversations’ with your partner and repair relationship problems calmly.

Learn How to Use Smooth Conversations - For Couples

Learn about the breakthrough resource for couples. Repair relationship problems and restore communication in your relationship.

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Learn how to use Smooth Conversations

What Are 'Smooth Conversations'?

Discover how to reduce arguing and blame and start repairing your relationship with Smooth Conversations.

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Calm conversations lead to relationship breakthroughs and new hope for the future.
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Specially Crafted for Improving Couples Communication

Smooth Conversations has been meticulously designed by Couples Counsellor – Jacqueline Hogan.

Improve your communication, find clarity and develop a shared understanding. Four categories of coloured cards guide you through difficult and sensitive relationship topics.

Address the Burning Problem in Your Relationship

Almost all couples I work with in couples counselling are struggling with communication and identify it as a burning issue in their relationship.

Ask the Right Questions for Better Outcomes

Smooth Conversations has 101 cards, each with a carefully crafted question to guide you through a peaceful and constructive conversation.

Build new love and trust with confidence as you improve communication.

The Secret to Great Couples Communication

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Progress through the ‘Conversation Arc’ and experience heart-warming ‘smooth conversation’.

Nurture your relationship through difficult conversations and be inspired to become the best partner you can be.

With 101 carefully crafted question cards to guide you, celebrate your next ‘smooth conversation’ – and all that’ll follow.

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How will you benefit from Smooth Conversations?

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