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What Are Life Values?

Life Values are part of us. We all have them. The importance we place on them is what differs.

Life Values highlight what you stand for. They represent your unique and individual essence.

Life Values are the driver behind your actions and behaviour. They form the basis of your ‘rules’ and guidelines you live by. You might refer these as your principles.

How much thought have you given to your values or principles?

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Living Your Life Values

Living by your values creates a sense of harmony and satisfaction. Not living by your values automatically creates uncertainty, conflict and imbalance. This is often experienced as frustration and anger. Sadness, despair and disappointment.

The good news is, you are in complete control on how you prioritise and balance your Life Values. This means you can change your core Life Values as you grow and mature. You can rebalance and reprioritise as your environment changes.

Like an orchestra playing at the opera. Certain sections play at certain times. Occasionally one instrument gets the spotlight to emphasize a feeling and add dynamic energy.

The same is true for your Life Values. They change over time. Being aware of them in great detail allows you to be the conductor of your life and direct sections as you please, creating a soundtrack (life) that leaves your audience on their feet applauding for more!

Living your Life Values assists in making swift decisions. If something doesn’t fit with your values, it simply doesn’t belong.

What About Your Shared Life Values?

Have you considered the values of your relationship and family?

What about your business or workplace? What values do they aspire to?

By knowing your values in these other important areas of your life, you will feel more connected, content, committed, balanced and at peace.

Let’s see what benefits you can experience by knowing and living by your Life Values

Experience the Benefits

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Are your experiencing these benefits now? In what way could living by your Life Values benefit you?

Life Values for Health & Wellbeing

How does living by your values improve your life and make you feel?

Life Values
Life Values - On top of the world!

Understanding & Connection with Others

Knowing your own Life Values is one thing, but imagine what knowing your partners Life Values could means. What about your children’s or your colleagues?

That’s right – it will help you understand what’s driving them.

You’ll discover new thing’s you didn’t know and get a taste of what their culture and background is like.

Knowing each other’s values allows you to form strong friendships based on a deeper shared meaning where trust, understanding and respect meet.

What would closer relationships with partners, friends, and family mean to you?

Could you make better decisions? Live with passion & purpose, be free, be yourself, laugh, and get more out of life?

There’s one sure way to find out!

The Life Values cards are great and really spark discussion. But we didn’t get through that many because of the chit chatting that goes on! They also give you a really good insight into people and also gives you an opportunity to express your appreciation to the person and people you’re playing with.

Opportunity Awaits!

As you can now see, Life Values permeate all areas of your life. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Life Values, the good news is you can start applying what you’re learning right now.

You see, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Life Values are intuitive and the more you explore, reflect and discover the more insightful and wise you’ll be.

What will you do with your new found wisdom?

Live a better life!? Of course!

But you’ll also be able to share your knowledge and inspire the people around you.

Life Values are just one piece of the puzzle. For the greatest impact I highly recommend evaluating how your Life Values relate to your beliefs, goals, and the lifestyle you lead. Stay tuned for more on this topic soon.

Ideally, your values will determine your priorities in life, but we all know that life’s duties and responsibilities can get in the way.

The challenge now becomes around balance and alignment.

To avoid feelings of frustration and resentment it’s important to get this balance right and have the awareness and courage to make changes when required.

Exploring Deeper - Life Values Workbook

The exercises in the workbook are an excellent companion to the Life Values cards. Discover the origins, Make the changes, and live in alignment with who you desire to be.


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