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13 Ways to Sweep ‘em Off Their Feet

Does “Doing Something Special” For Your Partner Feel Like a 'Chore'?

“Doing something special” for your partner can seem like too much work. Any ideas you may have, get turfed into the too-hard basket.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. With only a small amount of effort you can turn a stale relationship into a thriving, energetic duo.

The effort is worth it! Check out these 13 ideas to sweep em off their feet and give your relationship a great start to the new year!

13 Ways to Sweep-em Off Their Feet

1 – Set up a romantic scene in the bedroom.

It’s actually easier than you think. Pick up some new linen at the store or online. You may even have some at the back of the cupboard.

Next grab some flowers, they don’t have to be expensive and they could even be from your own garden.

Finally, set the mood with soothing music, low lighting and maybe even a little bit of romantic poetry in your best English accent.

2 – Cook up a storm (Or order in)

But here’s the difference, add a personal touch! This could be with some sides, a sauce or an entrée. Dress it up, add some flavour and ‘plate up’ with a sense of humour and fun.

You can even pretend to judge the meals and take off your favourite or most despised celebrity chef.

3 – Tell jokes and try to make the other person laugh.

Make it a game and if you need inspiration, you can find jokes everywhere on the internet. Mix it up with charades, impersonations and run with it.

4 – Take a second or third honeymoon

Do it without the kids if you can. International travel has become a lot cheaper and could be just what you need to bond closely together.

Ok so this is going to be a bit more expensive – but have fun first by picking the destination, looking at the cool places to stay and visit etc. Have a night in looking at YouTube videos, and visualising your upcoming holiday!

5 – Get out of the house and go on a date.

It doesn’t always have to be for a meal either; Try a walk in the park, get out on the water or take a drive and see a new attraction.

date night
How long has it been since 'Date Night'?

6 – Talk, like the good old days.

Go deep and ask the bold questions. Be curious and learn more about your partner. Watch what happens when there are no phones, no TV and no distraction.

7 – Massages.

DIY or head out for a relaxing treatment together.

8 – Dancing.

Turn your living room into a grand ballroom, crank up the home orchestra, dress up and it’s Moulin Rouge! If that feels a bit too corny, head out and find an upmarket place to dance the night away.

9 – Watch a great or weird movie together.

Do something different and try and find something you wouldn’t normally watch. A documentary, an old masterpiece or dig for odd, strange films that will be an experience, one way or another!

The point is stretch your boundaries and don’t be afraid to watch something you normally wouldn’t watch.

10. Come up with a surprise for your partner.

Let your imagination run wild. Here are 4 things (PG rated) to start you off.

  • Order something fun or special online, addressed to your partner.
  • New bedroom attire
  • Mix tape (or whatever the kids are using these days)
  • New book / photo frame / personalised keepsake.

11. Pick up some fancy paper and write romantic messages.

You don’t have to write a 3 page epic either. Small snippets of loving messages at the right times will give your relationship a real boost.

12. Catch up with another couple.

Easy, simple, socialise, laugh, chat and play.

13. Get involved in your partners hobby.

Even if it’s something small, doing something together that one of you is passionate about can be a great experience. Just be careful of boundaries at first.

camera hobby
Take an interest in your partners hobby

Before you know it you will be dabbling with ISO’s, – sanding a benchtop, checking pH levels,  or 3d printing something amazing!

See if works both-ways and if your partner is interested in participating in your hobbies. Life is full of experiences and they are fun to share together. If nothing else you will learn something new, have a time to remember together and a new appreciation for their craft.

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