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Smooth Conversations Video Series

Improve Communication in Your Relationship

‘Smooth Conversations’ is the breakthrough resources to improve communication in your relationship. The cards distill the best concepts and proven strategies from leading relationship experts and relational ‘schools of thought’.

In this workshop & video series – Lee guides you through all the topics for you to finally experience good communication in your relationship.

Get clear on, why communication matters, how the cards work, why they work, and most important of all – how they can help you communicate with kindness & compassion for a loving relationship – plus heaps more!

Section Unlocked

This video series is just one part of ‘step 5’ of the ‘Be a Better Partner Program’.

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Smooth Conversations Workshop - Watch Now

Welcome & Introduction

Why is Communication so Difficult?

What Topics Are Couples Arguing About?

Common Traps of Poor Communication

Smooth Conversations - How it Works & Blue Clarity Cards

Smooth Conversation - Arc & Flow

Red Cards Are For Repair - Using Smooth Conversations

Green Cards Are For Unity - Using Smooth Conversations

Purple Cards Are For Harmony - Using Smooth Conversations

Understand the Benefits of Good Communication

How Could Your Relationship Benefit?

Examples - Spot the Difference

Browse the 12 example videos in the playlist.


12 Videos

Improve Your Relationship

Learn all about the ‘Be a Better Partner’ Program, and work with Lee to “Improve your self to improve your relationship”

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