listener cover

How to be a Good Listener

Avoid the these communication pitfalls and become a better listener. Mindfully interpret what’s really being said and respond with purpose and compassion.

Smooth conversations workshop cover

Smooth Conversations Video Series

Step 5 of the Be a Better Partner Program is Unlocked! – Have Smooth Conversations and Improve Communication in Your Relationship.

time out cover

Take a Time Out – Couples Guide

Essential guide for couples to “Take a Time Out”. A ‘personal circuit breaker’ for escalating emotions. Know when to take a break for healthy relationships.

deep communication practice

How to Have Deep Conversations

Are you wanting deeper conversations with your husband or wife? Discover the secret to fulfilling communication and enhance the quality of your relationship.

lv-relationships cover

Questions to Grow Your Relationship

Increase intimacy and connection in your relationship with Life Values Questions. Discover 50+ questions by theme to repair and grow your relationship.

How to Apologise in 5 Simple Steps

Apologise from the heart with ease by following the simple 5 step process. Don’t get caught out blaming others and making up excuses. Apologise in 5 steps!


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