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Connected Couples – Remember When You First Met?

Your Relationship Origin Story

Remembering when you first met, and how you fell in love is bound to be a beautiful conversation. Just thinking about it now, I can imagine you smiling and feeling warm inside! Am I right?

This is why it’s a great topic for a connecting conversation.

Re-wind the clock and re-establish those tender feelings you once had (and still do) for each other.

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How did you first meet?

Get Started

Cast your mind back in time and remember when you first met, I wonder what you were feeling when you first saw each other?

What made her/him so special? What was different about them that appealed to you?

I wonder how they made you feel? Going on your first date, and then – the second date!

How did your relationship unfold and when did you know they were worth getting to know on a deeper level?

When did you first imagine spending the rest of your life with them as ‘the one’?

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Reflect, Visualise & Share

I wonder what common interests you had when you first met?

What traits and characteristics did you share and love in each other?

Was it their sense of humour, their style, or how they held a conversation?

Perhaps it was how sensitive they were and how they listened and offered a soothing shoulder?

Maybe it was the fun you had, the adventures, the passion, laughter, joy and quality friendship?

Close your eyes and think back to this time.

Embrace it, and let the images, sounds, smells and feelings come back to you. Reminisce on the good times and enjoy this moment, back when you first met.

As you reflect on your budding relationship notice how you feel. Name the emotions if you can. Was the romance and thrill of flirting making you feel on top of the world?

Remember this time and share with each other what you felt.

What did starting a relationship mean to you at this time? What were your hopes and dreams?

Express what you were feeling as you fell in love.

Be present and be aware that you have the power to renew this excitement and feelings of love and connection once more.

Use the questions below to guide your conversation with each other. Take in turns asking questions, sharing your thoughts, feelings and stories.

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Connect over the good times - Share stories when you first met.

Questions - Remember When You First Met

Take turns asking each other the following questions:

  1. Do you remember the time when we first met?
  2. What was it about me that caught your attention?
  3. What did you find most attractive about me?
  4. When did you realise you had fallen in love with me?
  5. Do you remember the first time you told me “I love you?”
  6.  What did you love most about me in the early days?
  7. What do you love most about me now?
  8. What did you love most about ‘us’ as our relationship blossomed?
  9. What unique thing between us, still sparks desire for you today?
  10. What’s one idea to spark new love and desire in our relationship?

Well Done

How did you go?

Make a note of how your conversation went in your journal. Reflect on the experience and notice how you are feeling.

Not all conversations are 10/10 but try to find the good in each conversation. We are building back positive sentiment toward each other, building trust, rekindling feelings of fondness toward each other and practicing kind communication.

Look out for more ‘Connected Conversation topics’ in this growing series.

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