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Connected Couples – Loving Conversations

Welcome to the Connected Couples Series

Connected couples have loving conversations.

If we accept this statement as true, and we have a desire to have more loving conversations, then being a ‘connected couple’ is what we must be!

Let’s unpack what we mean by ‘Connected Couple’ and ‘Loving Conversations’.

connected couple conversation

What is a 'Connected Couple'?

Connected Couples have a strong sense of the other person, a knowing of their world, and what they might be feeling or thinking.

Connected Couples empathise, share stories, hopes and dreams and have an open communication channel.

Connected Couples have a level of trust with each other and are looking out for each other’s wellbeing.

Connected Couples generally have their guard down, and feel comfortable sharing feelings, thoughts, and ideas with each other.

Connected Couples may not always agree, and can have different tastes and interests. But the connection with each other is strong, respected and admired.

What are Loving Conversations?

Loving Conversations are conversations that flow freely. They can be deep, short, long, emotional, abrupt or be ‘said’ with no-words at all.

Loving conversations are about communicating your feelings, hopes, dreams, desires and frustrations.

Loving conversations require listening, and seeking to understand. They are grounded in truth and they honour each other’s values.

Loving conversations are exploratory and push the boundaries. Loving conversations can be hard to have, but they always come from a place of honesty and sincerity. They have the best interests of each other at heart.

Loving conversations support the growth and evolution of the relationship. Loving conversations are far from perfect, but that’s okay.

Loving conversations strengthen ‘connection’ and vice versa.

Practice loving conversations for genuine & wholesome connection.

Loving Conversation Themes

The idea of this series is to have Loving Conversations to strengthen your connection and steer your relationship to a better place. This could be by resolving a long standing problem for example. Or perhaps just by learning something new about each other.

Maybe it’s about refreshing your connection and tapping into forgotten passions.

Whatever it is, this series will provide you with a guided conversation framework and question set, by theme, so you can choose a ‘topic’ of conversation and get started.

Check out the first in the series below.

Get Started Today

To get started, choose from the first topics in the series and have a Loving Conversation. Follow the tips on each page to ‘set the scene’ and get the most out of the conversation.

If you have an idea for a Loving Conversation topic, let me know by sending me an email.

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