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Connected Couples – You’re my Rock

Stabilising the Relationship

How do you stabilise your relationship?

How are you there for each other when times are difficult?

At any given moment, life happens. And while you are resilient and can get through difficult times, we all have our limits.

In this Connected Couples conversation you will focus on how your partner supports you. How they are your rock.

You will mindfully explore, listen and learn more about each other.

Take a moment now to consider this…

“What will it mean to learn something new about how my partner supports me, is there for me, thinks about me, and cares for me”?


What will it mean for your partner to learn something new about how you care and support your partner?

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Mind Readers

Not knowing is a form of disconnection. As far as I can presume neither you or I are mind readers. Therefore, the only way to know – is to connect and communicate.

What did you discover pondering the questions above?

If you thought this new understanding about each other will build trust, demonstrate commitment, and sow new seeds of love, then you’d be right!

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Relationship connection - Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't.

How you are a rock to your partner

Have you considered how you are a rock (support) to your partner before?

Rocks differ in size, shape and makeup. So too does how you provide support to each other.

Consider the ways you are a rock for your partner now.

Some themes to consider include:

  • Emotional support
  • Financial support
  • Children and family support
  • Physical support
  • Personal support
  • Organizational Support
  • Fun and Creative Support
  • Career / Work Support
  • Health support
  • Motivation / Confidence
  • Spiritual Support

Specialty Support

Well done. Now have a conversation about how you support each other. Explore deeper with each other and discover specialty areas of support.

Mindfully keep an ear out for unique and special things your partner does for you, in being your rock.

It could be something simple you’ve never noticed before, or have taken for granted. Like, leaving the light on for you when you get home late, or making your cup of coffee just the way you like it.

It may not even be a ‘thing’ or ‘action’ but a listening ear – and just being there for you.

Have a conversation and find out.

Use the questions below to help guide the conversation.

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Support comes in all flavours - What do you appreciate the most?

Questions - How you are my rock

  1. What do you appreciate most about me? (apart from my ravishing good looks!)
  2. If all of a sudden I was gone tomorrow – What would you really miss the most?
  3. When you are hurting emotionally – What do you wish I would do more of to support you?
  4. Describe a time you felt really supported and close to your partner.
  5. When we can’t be together, how would you like me to show you I am there for you?
  6. Am I enough ‘rock’ for you? What area could I grow in to support you better?
  7. In what way could I acknowledge and show my appreciation for your support?
  8. Do you seek support outside the relationship? – And if so, describe how it benefits your relationship.
  9. What is one thing you want me to know, that you do for me?
  10. What is one new ‘thing’ we can each do to support each other over the next week?

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