Connected Couples – What’s Working Well

A Positive Conversation

Are you quick to find the negative in any topic and talk about the problems?

Maybe your career relies on it, and it’s part of your job?

In some way’s its only natural to have an awareness on what’s wrong, and what might harm us.

But what if it’s all you talk about?

What if you are dismissing what’s going right?

What would talking about what’s working well do for your relationship?

In this connected conversation – we are going to do just that!

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Self Awareness for Embracing Positivity

It might sound strange. But feeling happy can feel awkward or ‘scary’ for some people.

For a range of reasons feeling happy could envoke feelings of guilt, – “I don’t deserve to be happy”

It could envoke a sense of fear – “What am I missing?” “What is about to get me – while I’m having fun / relaxing / at peace”?

All I want you to do during this exercise is tune into your body, what you are feeling and any thoughts that arise.

‘Noticing’ these feelings/thoughts is the first step to pin pointing any blockage to allowing authentic happiness and freedom to flow. 

couples laugh
Break through 'blocks' to allow positive emotions and happy times to flow.

Connected Couples Conversation Questions

What has been working well for you lately?

What has been working well for our relationship?

How have we been working well together?

What do you enjoy most about us working well together?

What benefits do other’s notice when working well together? (E.g. kids / family / friends)

How does it make you feel to see me happy and ‘going well’?

What do we each need to keep doing to keep working well together?

What’s one thing your partner does well that you often take for granted?

How can you celebrate what’s working well?

What does working well together mean for other areas of your relationship?

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