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New Life Values Deck for 2023!

Live with Passion & Purpose

Life Values empower you to live your best life. Understand yourself deeply and live with passion and purpose.

Each Life Values deck contains 216 thought-provoking cards. Explore and define your Life Values and what they mean to you.

Play with family and friends for a fun and enlightening get together.

Couples – Improve communication and develop a deeper intimate connection.

Therapists – Delight your clients with engaging sessions and lead them through amazing breakthroughs with Life Values.

What Makes You Tick?

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Unlimited Ways to 'Play'

Choosing my top 10 Life Values was really rewarding. I now make decisions in alignment with my values and the goals I've set.

Discover Your Life Values Today

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New Updated Version for 2023 – New Values Added

Be Empowered For Growth

Become the person you’re destined to be.

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What You Get

216 beautifully printed Life Values Cards. Each with a carefully selected Life Value and intriguing question for thought provoking reflection and discussion.

Pop the top on your shiny Life Values box to display your deck proudly on your desk or coffee table for daily inspiration.

Game instructions & free downloadable resources including the Life Values Workbook.

Get the most out of your Life Values and inspire others to be the best they can be.

Free Bonus Workbook

Personal growth starts here!

Explore deeper, reflect and unearth new insights for positive change with the bonus downloadable workbook.

Discover the origins of your Life Values and shape the vision for your future.

Plus, discover even more new ways to play, and live your authentic ‘rich’ life.

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"We love playing with the Life Values cards. The questions get us all talking and I'm always surprised at how deep the conversations we end up having are."

Life Values

Australian Made

Created by Jacqui Hogan – Couples Counsellor & Lee Ashby – Life Coach, in McCrae, Victoria, Australia.

Printed on sustainably sourced paper.

All orders, packed and fulfilled locally in McCrae, Victoria with love.

Support Aussie business and shop local!

And don’t forget, free delivery Australia wide!

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A life changing investment for just $97 AUD!
Plus get free delivery Australia wide!

What Are Life Values?

Balance. Harmony. Satisfaction.

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