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20 Resilience Building Tips During The Covid-19 Love-in

One of the challenges facing people during the social isolation is, weirdly enough being locked down with the ones we love most. Personally, here are some tips that Lee and I have been doing over the past few years as we have developed the business and work together day to day from home.

1. Shared goals/meaning. We work on the business together and this provides a common and shared goal. It’s meaningful for both of us and keeps us going. We have conversations about our achievements, our struggles and support one another.

What shared goals or projects can you and your family work on together?

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Build Resilience in Stressful Times.

 2. Exercise. We both enjoy time together or separately to get some exercise most days. Adapt your routine from gym workout to going for a ride or walk during the current social restrictions. Once again we share similar interests here but realistically, sometimes we need to do things separately to get that mindful moment, in nature for the day.

What changes can you make to your exercise routine?

3. Eat. Look after your health by eating nutritional fruit and vegies. Get educated about food groups – the food pyramid has changed. Less grains and more vegies and healthy fats – good for brain and mental health.

4. Water. Drink it up. At least three litres per day. Our body and brain are mainly water, so we need lots of water every day. Reduce the caffeine, this can dehydrate and leave you feeling lethargic. Also, it may help prevent the severity of corona virus by drinking a sip of water every 15 minutes and keeping your mouth moist. This ensures anything in the mouth enters the gut and the natural bacteria helps lessen the impact.

5. Focus on your values. What is most important in your life..? By focusing on your values for 12-20 minutes per day you release 1200 stress reducing genes. And guess what…. This helps strengthen your immune system. Click here to learn more about our new Life Values card game! Perfect for lockdown – ahem Love-in!

Working From Home - Your Pet's Will Love You!

6. Worry time. Spend 15 minutes once a day to focus on your worries. Set the alarm on your phone or watch and know that this is your time to worry. If you find yourself worrying at other times throughout the day, place it aside and leave it until your designated worry time. Notice what happens.

For more strategies to reduce worry, be sure to download the free eBook Less Worry Let’s Be Happy


7. Reduce exposure to media. While its important to get the updates, turn it off to reduce over exposure. You don’t need it 24/7. Check the news updates each morning and evening and then do something else to take a break and have fun.

8. Talk to your kids. Don’t assume they understand.  They may be anxious, scared, worried, confused. Provide them opportunity to talk. If you’re worried, they will be too. Reassure them and explain in terms they can understand depending on their age and stage of development.

9. Watch a movie. A comedy or favourite TV / Netflix show. I recommend One Strange Rock.

10. Cuddle up. A hug also releases feel good endorphins.

11. Reduce high GI foods. These can spike sugar, leaving you feeling low soon after.

12. Reduce alcohol intake. While you may feel like it’s a good time to enjoy a tipple. It’s more important to focus on health and boosting your immune system.

Being aware of your defense mechanisms, including avoidance type behaviours is important for building resilience and supporting others during this time.

13. Meditate – daily. Listen to Think, Love and Kindness in the members area or one of the free audios on the website, like the success visualisation meditation.

14. Socialise with family and friends via videoconferencing. If you usually talk alot, try listening more and asking questions. If you are usually reserved and shy, try speaking up to feel heard.

15. Practice gratitude. Challenge yourself for finding fifty things each day you are grateful for, this creates neuroplasticity, reduces stress, boosts your immune system and makes you happier! Bonus – Play the gratitude game

16. Take a bath. Simple! Relax. Practice mindfulness, and deep relaxation. Unwind completely.

17. Read a favourite book. Get lost in a great book and use the distraction to reduce excessive worry. and break away from creating worrying habits.

18. Talk with each other. Practice your communication using the exercises from your program or learn more about deep communication and communicate on a whole new level with your partner. Understand the Power of Connection. For dealing with difficult people or the unexpected be prepared with the 4 step strategy from ‘Coping in Advance’.

19. Call a neighbor. Call in (while keeping your distance) and see how you can support one another through these times. Just knowing you have someone close by is reassuring for both of you and helps build a sense of community and wider resilience.

20. Practice patience with people who may be under stress, feeling anxious, tired and ‘on edge’ during this time. Avoid making assumptions as everyone’s situation will be very different. Use the tips and strategies from the Emotional Flooding resource and the Window of Tolerance resource to learn more.

window of tolerance
Emotional Resilience - Know Your Window of Tolerance

21. Adapt Your Routine. To create some normality in your life adjust your routine or build in new activities you do on a regular basis. This can help counteract the disruption you are experiencing. For example, you could make a coffee in the morning and enjoy the peace and quiet as the sun rises each morning. Chat with friends at a regular time during the day and settle into a new routine working from home. This could include setting hours for work different to your usual work hours. Be creative!

Have a great tip you’d like to share? Get in touch and I’ll be sure to include it here.

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