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Vision Board Clarity with Life Values

A Vision Board with Meaning & Purpose

Jacqui and I have been wanting to create our vision board together for some time now. Jacqui has created her personal one and has refined in many times over the years.

I’ve created vision boards in the past, but they have been fairly basic, mostly represented with words and quick drawings. Finding the time is a challenge but I also feel I’m procrastinating about it too.

Probably because I’m a bit unclear on a few things, scared of feeling stuck, and it’s just easier to put it off for another day.

However, I knew it was a rising priority. So we bit the bullet recently, and made time to look into our shared vision board.

It was easier than I thought!…

Life Values bring your vision board alive!

Story Telling with Life Values

Last Sunday, Jacqui and I found the time to sit down and talk about our shared vision board. We want to focus more on what we want together – our relationship, and be on the same page with our shared dreams and goals.

A shared vision board is great for couples, because you get to think about all these things on a timeline as well. It tends to give you a hurry up, but let’s you know what’s important to each other.

But where to start such a conversation?… Enter Life Values!

Visualise an empowering and meaningful life vision

Empowering Discussion

At first, I wasn’t too sure how Life Values cards were going to help exactly with our vision board. We already knew our values, but as soon as Jacqui started reading them out and incorporating them into a story of what she wanted and could envision in her future, I could see how useful they were.

As her story unfolded I got busy writing down key words and statements to capture the essence of her vision.

Discarding irrelevant cards as Jacqui moved through the deck, a meaningful story quickly unfolded.

Jacqui was placing the cards in front of her creating a visual story of what she wanted and what was driving her vision. Life Values instantly added the meaning to the story and could be tied to the various life theme areas we were discussing.

It was amazing to watch and be part of!

Jacqui spoke for about 10 minutes and she painted a pretty damn vivid picture of what she wanted for us using the Life Values cards as a narrative tool.

Understanding the Meaning

The ‘why’ had been established. The depth, the meaning and purpose were all wrapped up in the story. The Life Values cards instantly added a certain gravity to our Vision Board.

We then decided it was a good idea for me to reflect back what she had said. I reeled off everything I had written and was able to recreate her story and vision.

I referred to the Life Values Jacqui had placed out in front of her as I was going. This allowed me to attach the emotion, the passion and purpose to what I was saying. I was directly connecting with her desires.

It took about 7 or 8 minutes for me to describe Jacqui’s vision back to her.

It felt good reading it. It was motivating to read back and I could tell Jacqui was happy with what she heard.

Our Shared Vision Takes Shape

Switching roles, I went through the same process, browsing the deck and clarifying my vision alongside Jacqui’s.

I added things that I felt most passionate about.

Some Life Values matched what we had already covered, and some were not as important to me. But I could tell it all in a story too.

Going through the deck helps you cover all bases. You are prioritising right then and there. When you see a Life Values card that inspires, you feel it right in your heart and stomach.

I kept the important ones off to one side, and by laying them out in front of me, my story was taking shape. Our story was taking shape. Our shared vision board was coming alive!

Life Values cards shape your story and life vision.

Supporting Each Other's Vision

Even just the process we went through is a trust building activity. It’s a way of showing each other:

“I hear you. I understand you”

From there you can make an effort to support each other, yourself and your relationship. aka “Us”.

Do the things that align with your vision and values.

I knew straight away I had to write about the experience and include it as a new useful way of using Life Values cards.

As you can see it’s more than just a way to create a Vision Board!

A Guided Experience

I think I had been putting off working on my vision and our shared vision because there are too many things to think about, and so much uncertainty. It’s easier to just put it off and avoid having to deal with so many little nuances of life.

But using the Life values cards actually provided a fast-track way of cutting to the chase and getting down the good stuff fast. Once we got started it was an enjoyable experience and at the end of it we have a vivid vision to work with and flesh out with pictures, drawings, symbols etc.

So if you are like me and have been procrastinating around your vision, try a narrative approach and use your Life Values to guide you.

Knowing your Life Values to begin with is a good start.

Remember to Download the free workbook here to discover the origin of your values & so much more.

Plus be sure to check out the new Life Values Mastery ebook.

Visualising adventure and what it means for you with Life Values

Wrapping Up

There is no right or wrong way to use the Life Values cards to help create your vision. We browsed the deck in a random order, but you could browse by Life Theme / card colour’ if you preferred.

Being ruthless with the Life Values cards we chose to talk around helped keep us focused with an inspirational story developing.

Taking notes and reading back is great for clarity, reflection, and deep understanding. It really is a shortcut to deep communication and conversation.

I let Jacqui go, and run with her story uninterrupted for as long as she needed. Likewise, for me, I had time and space to speak and find my flow and groove, creating a wonderful vision of what I want.

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Surprise Insights

I was surprised to find myself coming across Life Values that I felt I’d achieved that were previously goals of mine and important to me.

It has been a while since I checked in with my personal Life Values, so it was great to see and feel how the priority has shifted around these values.

So it’s a great exercise in that sense as well – to pick up on your achievements and the shifting balance you place on your values over time.

Check out the other Life Values resources below to learn more about Life Values and if you’d like to buy your own deck of Life Values – pick up a deck from our online store.

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