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About Lee Ashby

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Lee AShby
Lee Ashby - Life Coach

How Can You Be a Better Partner?

Hi, I’m Lee.

I specialise in Life Coaching for relationships, and help you to improve your self to improve your relationship.

Our new ‘Be a Better Partner’ Program provides you with the best relationship transformation experience.

I love helping men and women break through old habits and out-dated ways of living, and into being the best partner they can be.

I’m Jacqui’s partner and we work together to help our clients lead happy and fulfilling relationships.

I Specialise in Helping You ‘Be a Better Partner’

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Relevant Training & Eductaion

  • RLT Level 1 – Terry Real, Relational Life Institute – 2022 (In Process)
  • Counselling Skills Certificate Course – K.R. & Achology – 2022 (In Process)
  • Working with Men – Terry Real – Relational Life Institute – 2022
  • Relationship Workshop Facilitator – J&N Rivera Transformation Services – 2022
  • Fierce Intimacy – Terry Real – 2022
  • Confidence, Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence Masterclass – K.R. & Achology
  • The Complete Marriage and Relationships Masterclass – K.R. & Achology
  • The Communication Skills and Social Intelligence Masterclass – K.R. & Achology
  • The Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Masterclass – K.R. & Achology
  • Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma – K.R. & Achology
  • Diploma of Modern Applied Psychology – K.R. & Achology
  • Life Coaching Certificate Course (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Levels I,II,III & Master)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma – K.R. & Achology
  • Goal Setting to Success – Transformation Academy
  • Bachelor of Computing – La Trobe University Bendigo, 2003

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