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5 Simple Mindful Gratitude Tips

Mindful Gratitude

Gratitude practice is simply taking the time, as often as possible, to think, write, talk or draw about what’s going well in your life. This is why I often recommend clients beginning journalling.

5 Simple Gratitude Tips

1. Keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily.

2. Find five things each day you are grateful for – they must be five new things, not the same five things each day. (Big or small it doesn’t matter, its more about the daily practice and building the positive habit.)

3. Make sure 1 – 2 of your ‘gratefuls’ relate to a goal you’re working towards. The more we focus on what is right, the more that expands. Associating a positive experience to your goals will help you achieve them and reduce your goals becoming a chore – despite hard work being required.

4. Add 2 more gratefuls to your list – this time in the future tense. Write down ‘gratefuls’ for the AMAZING things that are about to come to you.

5. This surrounds events with an air of expectation – Helping you to manifest (get things together / organised / processed / decisions made / at a much faster rate. – Take heed and take action!

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