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hold that thought

Hold That Thought

Try this simple self-awareness exercise to increase positive thoughts and emotions for any stressful or negative situation you might find yourself in.

vision board series

Vision Board Kit – Free

Download Your Vision Board Kit and Set the Intention to Live Your Best Life. Unleash Hidden Possibilities & Dare to Take Bold Action!

Zoom for Online Counselling

Download Zoom for Online Video Calls Zoom is highly regarded as one of the best platforms for online video calls. Download it now and get set for your online counselling

naikan article

Self Reflection For Couples – Naikan Exercise

Discover three simple yet powerful questions for self reflection based on the Japanese Naikan exercise. Strengthen your relationship with a fresh perspective and discuss your insights for clarity and connection.


Newsletter Archive

Browse past editions of the Jacqueline Hogan Monthly Newsletter. Discover new articles, resources and behind the scenes stories!

How to Apologise in 5 Simple Steps

Apologise From the Heart Apologising from the heart is the way to go. Tune in to what your heart is telling you and be guided by what feels right. A

Aiming for Perfection VS…

Is perfection holding you back? Explore how a shift in mindset toward achieving excellence is a much better target than perfection.

coping in advance

Coping in Advance – 4 Step Strategy

Caught by Surprise Do you remember a time when you were caught by surprise and felt blindsided by something you didn’t expect. At the time you may recall being ‘speechless’,

Year in review

My Year in Review

Answer thought provoking questions and reflect on your year. Shake off the past, take stock of lessons learned & kick off your year right.

celebrate 2020

Get Set for 2020

Get Set for 2020 – Celebrate the new year with helpful guides and resources. Prioritise your goals. Declutter your space. Make big life changes a reality.

deep communication

Your Guide to Deep Communication

Discover the benefits of deep communication and improve your relationships. Move beyond the superficial and engage in conversations that inspire and unite!


Self Care Cloud

The Self Care Cloud helps you find balance, where your strengths are and what may be missing from you life. Try it today and discover your unique insights.

how to say no

How to Say No

Slide these 12 ways to SAY NO up your sleeve and start saying YES to your self and what you believe in.