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Strengthen Your Relationship

Well done for completing the Relationship Strength Quiz.

The results and recommendations have been divided into four categories, just like the questions in the quiz. So depending on your results or area of interest, you can find improvement strategies by this theme.

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This area is all about knowing your partner. And how well they know you…

The Gottman Institute refer to this area as ‘Love Maps’. It’s about knowing your partners world.

Some of the questions relate to the little things in life, such as ‘favourite food’. These are the little things you can find out about each other through conversations, having fun together, and sharing moments together mindfully.

Living mindfully and having a sense of self awareness, will allow you to take in these smaller details and build a solid foundation for your relationship.

Further ways to get to know each other deeply include knowing each others shared values, and having a vision for the future together.

Check out the embedded links to take action in this area – and get to know each other deeply!

This area is all about connection to each other. Physically and emotionally. It’s about attraction, physical touch and keeping your love alive.

The Gottmans suggest a six second kiss each day is an important part of fulfilling connection. It has many benefits. So start having a six second kiss if you can!

Learn about what each other’s needs are. Does your partner prefer physical touch, or more emotional connection? Perhaps it’s about spending quality time together or a mix of these?

Knowing each others needs and fulfilling them leads to quality connection.

This area is also about achieving  Life Balance.

The following 2 resources will also help you strengthen your connection, and create a positive sentiment in your relationship on a daily basis.

Love Sparks – Initiate loving connection each day.

Top 5 Rituals for a Happy Marriage

This area is all about communication.

There are many ways to improve your communication in your relationship and we have lots of excellent resources to help you, including our popular Smooth Conversations Cards.

At the end of the day, it’s about communicating kindly, calmly and reaching compromise.

Having Deeper conversations based on the principles of Deep Communication are a great starting point if you need to improve in this area.

The Chat & Chill catch-up is an excellent ritual to have in your relationship too. Perfect for reducing stress and practicing excellent communication and support.

Another excellent resource for busy couples is the Couples Catchup ‘meeting’. It’s a great way to stay up to date with each other and discuss issues calmly – usually before they grow into a problem!

Communication is a huge topic. Browse all the latest the resources under this category here.

For couples in conflict – I highly recommend getting professional help from a counsellor. Feel free to get in touch with me.

This area is all about appreciation of each other and your self. It’s about practicing gratitude for each other and being committed to the relationship.

It’s about vision, trust, meaning, longevity and fulfilling your life goals and dreams – together.

Negative Sentiment Override can hamper this area’s growth. So this resource is a great starting point if your relationship is suffering from negativity.

Turning toward each other, even in difficult times is essential for building fondness and admiration and becoming a stronger couple. Check out these trust building exercises to learn more.

Appreciation and respect develop from accepting your mistakes and apologizing with sincerity. Learn how in this 5 step process.

Your Next Steps

Browse the embedded links above to learn more and strengthen your relationship in targeted areas.

If you’re interested in one on one couples counselling with me online, please get in touch.

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