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We’ve Moved to McCrae

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We Did It! We've Moved to McCrae!

3/07/2023 – The Counselling Space is Up & Running

Our new counselling space is shaping up nicely! We have been busy painting and creating a warm and inviting space for couples counselling.

As we announced a couples of months ago, we are thrilled to be in our new location here in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula.

jacqueline hogan couples counsellor
Jacqui's new space for Couples Counselling in McCrae

A Dream Come True

And why creating ‘shared meaning’ is important for the evolution of your relationship…

I feel like I’ve come home.  Having spent my childhood holidaying in Rye, playing tracking in the surrounding bushland, long days at the beach and cricket on the quiet dirt roads, the Peninsula has always been home to me.

While the Peninsula has changed immensely over the years, the essence remains the same. The feel and smell of the beach, the sand between your toes and the gentle sound of the waves lapping at the shore.

In some ways it’s a return to my childhood, and for Lee too as his family have spent many years holidaying in McCrae. 

“Today I woke to enjoy watching a ship glide gently by between the red and green channel markers from the comfort of home.  It’s almost romantic to witness the ships coming in, conjuring stories of who may be on board, what they may be delivering, and what their stories are.

Yesterday, the scenery was different as a ship sailed off into the eeriness of the storm clouds, with the late sun breaking through and lighting up the grey and white capped sea.

Every day, every moment is different.  I feel so blessed, truly blessed to bring my dream to fruition, and I couldn’t have done it without Lee.

Thank you Lee, for helping me and us to create our shared meaning, and making our life dreams come true. I can’t wait to enjoy many more truly awe inspiring moments with you from our balcony at ‘Casa al Mare’ (House by the Sea) in McCrae.”

ship sunlight port phillip bay
A ship sails past McCrae in stormy weather basked with rays of sunshine.

Rewarding Outcomes Take Time

Investing in Your Values & Practicing Patience.

We did not just arrive at this destination.  For those of you working with me in Save My Marriage Program or coaching with Lee, you’ll know this change is tremendous, and has taken years to achieve.

So when your dreams and goals for the future, seem too hard, and too difficult, know that they take time. It’s an investment that needs patience, care and commitment to mature.

Many times our resolve and resilience was tested. Achieving our dreams came at a cost. We missed out on family catch ups, social events, and travel etc. Put simply it all comes down to our Life Values and choice.

We do our best to live our lives in alignment with our most important values. Now, a new chapter begins, but at times that can mean embracing sacrifice. It also means saying yes to the right things, because you are aware of what is most important to you, and saying no to the things that don’t align with your goals or dreams. 

With a-lot of grit, determination and working together as a team, we’ve achieved our dream. And it’s been a process of ‘small things often’ and ‘doing the right thing in the right order’.

Creating shared meaning is an important part of a healthy, loving relationship. Shared meaning helps you work together, believe in each other, accept influence, trust and grow beyond the earlier stages of the relationship. As you can imagine, creating shared meaning is a key concept we cover together in couples counselling.

To learn more about our new location, click here.

To get in touch with Jacqui, reach out with a message from the bookings page.

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