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Vivid Visualisation For Goal Achievement

Visualise Your Life in High Definition

When you visualise your future, is it a snowy grainy picture with next to no detail?… Or a high definition image bursting with color and movement?

Ask yourself – “How would a high definition preview of my imminent future help me?”

Would it bolster your motivation? Make you happy and excited? Spur you on to make changes and get through moments of uncertainty?

The following visualisation tips are to be used with the 3 part visualisation resource and guided audio.

Five Tips For Vivid Visualisation & Deeper Change

One. Visualise Regularly

Develop a routine and visualise regularly. Make it a habit. Practice makes perfect. Practice and repetition build up the layers and the brightness and contrast of your vision to make it vivid and almost real. Think of a favourite movie you have seen many times. you know the scenes, the lines and all the details that make up a believable story. Do the same for your life vision. Manifest the details and turn up the brightness to picture it clearly.

Two. Make Notes & Describe

After your visualisation meditation, write down and describe the details of your vision to replay at a later time. Reliving your visualisation with a descriptive tone will help remind you of your vision and translate how you felt into words. Words you can use later for motivation, resolve and clarity.

Three. Identify Your Visualisation Cues & Triggers

What things stand out in your vision that appeal, motivate, inspire and spur you on? Make a note of the trigger and represent it in your life. Perhaps a certain phrase, photo, person, scenario or location? Have the picture or whatever it is, on your desk or in your life to prompt you into action everyday.

Four. Identify & Welcome The Emotion

Connect deeper with the emotions you are feeling as you visualise. How does it make you feel? What does it stir inside you? Can you name the emotions you are feeling? What are the ‘second wave’ of feelings and emotions you are feeling or can expect to feel? How would you describe the feelings in words afterward? Write them down or draw the expressions of the emotions you feel.

Five. Create Your Affirmation

Connect your visualisation with a personal affirmation. One you can say to yourself throughout the day to keep in-synch with your vision. As you move closer toward your goals, an affirmation will help keep you focused, avoid procrastination and get through challenges during nervous or uncertain times.

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