De-Clutter Your Home for Clarity & Focus

Create Space for Love: Decluttering Tips for a Healthier Relationship

Clutter takes it’s toll on your mental, emotional and physical and spiritual well-being. And this of course affects your relationship.

And I should know – I’ve moved house a number of times, and Lee & I have dealt with a lot of clutter! Simply put it clouds your mind, and can be a barrier for connection.

De-cluttering can be hard, especially when you have emotional attachment to things, or are getting caught up with what to do with it all.

So we created this eBook to help. After all your environment is your ‘nest’ and it needs to be in order to feel good, and let love flourish.

Download the ebook and get actionable insights to De-clutter Your Home for Clarity & Focus.

De-cluttering is about letting go, and is similar in a way to some of the things we do in Couples Counselling.

By clearing away physical clutter, you create an environment that promotes calmness, reduces stress, and fosters a sense of harmony. Imagine feeling organised and having the space for loving conversations and laughter.

More benefits of a clutter free space for your relationship include:

  • Feeling proud of your home.
  • Creating a sense of calm for you family / children & friends
  • More sensual and intimate moments in the bedroom – Craft a space that oozes style gets you in the mood!

How will you benefit from having a clean, clutter free environment you can feel proud of?

This eBook was Written by Jacqueline Hogan & Lee Ashby.

Last Updated 2019.

In-Person Support - Improve Your Environment

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