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My Year in Review

Your 2023 Reflection

Updated: December 2023

How Was Your 2023?

Taking a moment to reflect on your year is a great way to tie up any loose ends in your mind and get closure to the year.

How was your 2023? Did things return to normal, or have you had a busy & turbulent year?

Covid continues, albeit with no more lock-downs, and working from home or remotely is now a part of many peoples lives.

Inflation and the cost of living pressures in Australia are being felt far and wide, and many sectors are experiencing change.

I sense travel is ‘back on the menu’ as prices come down and tourism returns to some sense of normal.
Perhaps travel and ‘adventure’ is something you are looking forward to in 2024?


Use the change of the calendar year as a cleansing process. Put a bookend on the current year, and start a new chapter in the next.

I’m sure you can think of a positive saying that will help you start 2024 with a clean & fresh slate.

The past is in the past and there is no point dwelling extensively on things that didn’t go as planned or any setbacks you felt you had.

Make a note of lessons learned and focus on your vision or 2024.

Time for Reflection

With that being said. Now is the time for reflection. Use the worksheet below to help you unpack the last 12 months, and get set for the next year.

Start the new year on the right foot and have your mindset in-shape ready to soar on Jan 1.

Download the Worksheet

Take stock of lessons learned and prepare for a great new year and beyond.

Download the PDF fill-able form and save it to your computer or device.

The worksheet has nine simple questions to prompt your thoughts and create a quick, simple 12-month reflection.

Save it and keep a copy for safekeeping.

Check back on the worksheet next year or in 10 years time! Be inspired by how you have grown and evolved. Celebrate the change, the lessons, and the success.

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