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My Year in Review

Your 2020 Reflection

Updated: December 2020

How was your 2020?

Taking a moment to reflect on your year is a great way to tie up any loose ends in your mind and get closure to the year.

And for 2020, what a year it’s been. For many around the world there has been great loss and suffering.

While Australia has got on top of the corona virus, businesses and livelihoods have suffered.

On the positive side Aussies have shown much strength, resilience and dedication. Teamwork, a sense of community and health oriented values have proven strong.

You can use the change of the calendar year as a cleansing process. Put a bookend on it, start a new chapter.

I’m sure you can think of a saying that will help you start 2021 with a clean slate, fresh and positive.

The past is in the past and there is no point dwelling extensively on things that didn’t go as planned or any setbacks you felt you had.

Download the Worksheet

You can however, take stock of lessons learned and prepare for a great 2021 and beyond.

Download the PDF fill-able form and save it to your computer or device.

The worksheet has nine simple questions to prompt your thoughts and create a quick, simple 2020 reflection.

Save it and keep a copy for safekeeping. Check back on the worksheet in years to come, and be inspired by how far you have grown, changed and developed.

Next Steps with Lee

Lee offers an empowering ‘Year in Review’ single session. Perfect for getting clarity on your next steps or dealing with a difficult decision or barrier change. Click here to learn more about the session and make a booking with Lee.