Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Couples

For Couples and Individuals...

mindfulness meditation exercises

You can practice these mindfulness and meditation exercises if you are single or in a relationship. You can do them on your own while you are in a relationship as well. You can also support your partner while they do these exercises too.

In short they are for everyone!

But I want to raise the important point that you can do them together. Why – What are the benefits?

It’s an opportunity to connect and to share part of your world.

It’s an opportunity to both be a little bit vulnerable and share something special together.

It’s a way to build trust.

Mindful meditation is something you can enjoy, and experience together.

It’s a wonderful alternative to Netflix, drinking, boredom, social media, etc.

Patience for Beginners

If you are just getting started with mindfulness and meditation, take it slow and give yourself some time to get the hang of it. You may find you are easily distracted to begin with, or experience something you aren’t quite sure about.

Trust in the process, and I’m sure you’ll experience progress soon.

Finding your Style

Do you have a vivid imagination? Or do you prefer specific instructions and diagrams? Depending on your preferred style, you might find some exercises are more effective than others.

Try them and see.

Feel free to adapt and create new mindfulness exercises that suit you. Mix and match, rewrite and experiment. It’s up to you!

Three Free Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

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