Breaking Bad Habits – Video Series

How to Break Bad Habits

In this free video series, I explore in depth how to ‘Break Bad Habits’.

Grab a pen and paper, take notes, and enjoy!

Be sure to download the ‘Breaking Bad Habits – Discovery & My Commitment’ template in PDF below.

It has fill-able form fields to take action right away and set the intention firmly from the start.

Breaking Bad Habits - Watch Part One Now

  • Discover how you can become aware of the impact of your habits.
  • Understand your ‘why’ & begin to release negative habits.
  • Raise self-awareness to change your brains habits.

Breaking Bad Habits - Watch Part Two

  • Release negative habits, obstacles and triggers
  • After increasing self awareness and journalling about your habits in step one, lets explore the impact, the triggers and the obstacles that are getting in your way.
  • After you become aware you can now plant the seeds for change.

Breaking Bad Habits - Watch Part Three

  • Learn how to effectively replace old routines to form healthy new habits.
  • Discover how to break the grip of alcohol and avoid a hangover while still having a social life.
  • Break bad communication habits with your partner and have calm and respectful conversations instead.
  • Discover the secret ingredient to get through difficult times and make new habits stick.
  • Identify your emotional support team for ultimate support and motivation.
  • Become a powerful force for change by adding an affirmation that resonates with your new direction.

Strengthen Healthy Habits

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