Breaking Bad Habits – Video Series

Jacqui Hogan

Breaking Bad Habits - Video Series

In this video series, I explore in depth how to 'Break Bad Habits'.

Grab a pen and paper, take notes, and enjoy!

Be sure to download the 'Breaking Bad Habits - Discovery & My Commitment' template in PDF below.

It has fill-able form fields to take action right away and set the intention firmly from the start.

Breaking Bad Habits - Watch Part One Now

In part one: Discover how you can become aware of the impact of your habits.
Understand your 'why' & begin to release negative habits.
Raise self-awareness to change your brains habits.

Breaking Bad Habits - Watch Part Two Now

Releasing negative habits, obstacles and triggers

After increasing self awareness and journalling about your habits in step one, lets explore the impact, the triggers and the obstacles that are getting in your way. After you become aware you can now plant the seeds for change.

Breaking Bad Habits - Part Three - Coming Soon....

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