6+ Ways to Use Love Sparks

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Wake up & whisper a loving affirmation. Smile as their heart melts!

Add Love Sparks to Your Day

From sharing a Love Spark each morning to supporting a good friend. Discover all the different ways you can use the Love Sparks cards to enhance your relationship.

Six Popular Ways to Play

Select a random Love Spark from the deck to be your affirmation for the day. Share what it means for you with each other.

Tip: Make it a ritual and let it form a habit. It could be the first thing you do each morning, or something you share during your coffee break to keep in touch.

Browse the deck and choose one or more specific Love Sparks to help support you right now with a particular relationship challenge.

Tip: Say the affirmation to yourself multiple times during the day. Get your partner involved so you can ‘be on the same page’. 

Choose a Love Spark for you to grow stronger in. Read it multiple times throughout the day. Share what you notice with each other.

Tip: Choose an affirmation in an area of ‘weakness’ as a challenge. Set a goal or action to measure your change & success by.

Feeling flat? Browse the deck and pick 5 inspirational Love Spark affirmations to spawn ideas for the weekend. Make it happen!

Tip: Add “I will” or “We will” to the front of the affirmation to conjure motivation and change for the future. This can be particularly helpful after a setback.

Does someone you care about need support? A carefully selected Love Spark could be the token of support they need.

Tip: The gift of giving works both ways. I wonder what benefits will be coming your way?

Choose 3 Love Sparks for emotional strength and stability. Keep them in your pocket or on your desk for the next 3 days.

Tip: Journal about what you notice. How has your increased awareness improved your outlook in this area?

Inspired by a clients story. Leave a Love Spark out for your partner to find. Perhaps they are coming home late from work? Leave a Love spark out for them to find. Create a moment of connection. Let each other know you are thinking about them. Surprise Love Sparks keep it fun!

Tip: Add a personal note, alongside your Surprise Love Spark to add context. Add another small gesture such as a flower or ‘ready-to-go’ cup of tea for example to show your love in an authentic and personal way. Get creative. The personalised touch will be much appreciated.

What Are Affirmations?

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