Relationship Affirmations

Guided Affirmation Audios

Based on the popular Love Sparks affirmation cards, you now have the pleasure to listen to these beautiful audios to strengthen and improve your relationship.

I’ve crafted the audios using specific affirmations from the Love Sparks deck to form a purposeful and enjoyable experience in each track.

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Therapeutic Relationship Strengthening

The audios are therapeutic in nature. So it’s not all ‘sunshine & rainbows’ throughout.

Yes, of course we are creating positive sentiment in each track, however we are also planting seeds for change, challenging your thinking with alternate perspectives, lowering your defenses, finding forgiveness and more.

Thematic Affirmations for Targeted Improvement

Love Sparks are all about creating positive sentiment, challenging the status quo, and sparking new moments of connection.

Couples use Love Sparks everyday to spark something special between each other. From a deep conversation, a loving-tender moment, or sharing something funny or offbeat. Love Spark affirmations span  over 10 broad relationship themes to target specifically what you need most.

In this audio collection, I have chosen specific affirmations to create thematic tracks to support your relationship.

You can listen to them all, or find one that supports what you need right now. It’s up to you.

Follow the tips below for the best listening experience and outcomes.

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Track Descriptions

A tranquil nature themed soundscape supports messages of hope, responsibility and enduring love.

Reflect and frame your unique relationship in a positive light.

A subtle sound-space supports caring messages of forgiveness, self care, and the power of love.

Gratitude and appreciation of each other let’s your love shine!

A calming stringed instrument intertwines with affirmations to support a safe and healthy relationship.

Gather your strengths, find reprieve and attract love by loving your self first.

A soft tank drum dances around ‘foundational messages’ for a strong, yet flexible relationship.

Simple and timeless messages are grounding for your relationship – where deep roots can grow!

Listening Tips

Unlike my other audios, I don’t use a relaxation intro with these tracks., so be sure to get relaxed and settle into a comfortable position yourself – before listening to the relationship affirmations.

Similar to above, you may like to listen to these affirmations while out mindfully walking or gardening for example. – This is why each track dives into the affirmations without a deep relaxation intro.

For the best experience, use headphones at a low comfortable volume level.

Deeply Embed The Messages

Choose from any of the following ideas to allow the messages to sink deeper into your subconscious for greater benefits and outcomes.

  • Recite or repeat each affirmation spoken. Out loud or just under your breath is fine.
  • Visualise the affirmation washing over you and through, instilling the message within you. Guiding your future judgement, behaviour, communication and response.
  • Reflect on how each affirmation is relevant for you in the past.
  • Reflect on each affirmation and challenge yourself on what / how you can be better.
  • Reflect on each affirmation and just observe your response, good or bad it does not matter. Just observe mindfully.

Repeated listening can have a compounding effect too.

From selected tracks to the whole album, repeated listening reinforces the message and reminds you of your thoughts, decisions, priorities and who you are going forward.

Bonus – Notice the changes in how you feel – and what it means to you, over time.

Coming Soon

More relationship affirmation affirmation tracks.

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