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Insights With Jacqui Hogan

A Behind The Scenes Look Into Counselling

Jacqueline Hogan Couples Counsellor - Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne

Go behind the scenes and get insights into what counselling is all about and how it helps clients reduce their suffering and create hope for the future. Discover the process and types of conversations we have that lead to amazing client breakthroughs.

Client Progress, Breakthroughs & Benefits

I describe (anonymously) the types of breakthroughs that my clients achieve by participating in counselling and working through issues and challenges. Hear how sometimes there are set backs, and how this is a normal part of changing beliefs and habits toward finding solutions that work.

What Therapy Is Working Well?

Get a new perspective from the practitioners point of view. Learn more about the frameworks and different therapeutic approaches I use in session to get the best outcomes for my clients.

You’re Not Alone – Learning From Others

Are you suffering from relationship issues or personal problems in your life? While your particular relationship and issues are unique to you, often there are similarities and solutions shared by others that can help you in your particular situation.

Sharing success and the journey of others (anonymously of course) can help you understand there is hope and encourage you to make the first steps toward a better future.

Breakthrough Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

Knowing Your Why – Build Determination & A Sense Of Accomplishment

Couples Hypnotherapy – Satisfying Transformation

Couples Hypnotherapy – Communication Breakthroughs On A Deeper Level

Dreams Within Conflict – Empowering Couples Communication & Understanding

Dreams Within Conflict – Developing A Profound Understanding

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