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5 Unusual Places to Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation in Your Day

Live Mindfully

Really. Try living mindfully.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly trying to fit more in your day. Perhaps we should be taking more OUT of our day instead?

If you’re finding it difficult to find time for meditation, mindful thinking, reflection and rest. Try these 5 ideas where you can practice active (awake) mindfulness meditation in your day.

1. Brushing your teeth / hair

We do this every morning and maybe our hair or makeup a couple of times a day.  Why not use this time to practice mindfulness?

mindfully clean teeth
Practice mindfulness while cleaning your teeth

 2. On your commute

On your way to work, it’s easy to become frustrated and think negatively.  The car that cut you off, the smelly guy on the train, the noisy teenager on the bus etc. etc.  Take this time to relax, slow your breathing and recite a loving mantra.  Reflect on how wonderful it is to have a car to get you to your destination, a train to take care of the commute and no-worries about parking, reflect on your own life as a teenager and the fun and mischief you got up to.  Arrive at your destination filled with goodwill, feelings of compassion strength and mental clarity.

3. Walking to / from lunch and meetings

Zipping around the office to meetings or out and around the city to visit clients?  Instead of heavily focussing and stressing on what you’re going to say and anticipating what the others are going to say at the meeting.

4. Doing chores

Everybody would rather be doing something else than doing chores.  Hanging the washing, cleaning up, mowing the lawn, ironing, and preparing meals – all good times where you can incorporate some daily mindfulness.  Some chores require your attention for safety reasons, so keep that in mind so you don’t iron over your fingers or start a fire in the kitchen.

Two simple easy to remember tips could be:


  • For yourself:  that you are worthy of and deserving of the best in life and beautiful possessions.  An example could be the nice top you are ironing, the beautiful dinner set you are putting away, the beautiful garden and spacious grounds you are mowing.
  • For your family:  accepting who they and focusing on their positive traits.  After all, we’re all human, no point focusing on any negatives. We could be here all day.   Perhaps you’re grateful for your husband’s beautiful and heart-warming smile, your child’s hugs and laughter, your father’s generosity and mother’s compassion.  Maybe you’re grateful for your siblings who share similar values and interests.  You may simply be grateful to have siblings or a really good friend that ‘just gets you.

5. In times of frustration or despair

Take a moment to breathe. Identify what it is that’s creating this unease within you.  Breathe.  Unravel the thoughts you are thinking.  What is it about this situation that is most upsetting me?

frustration mindfulness
Practice mindfulness in moments of despair

Breathe in slowly through your nose, and out, gently through your mouth.  Relax.  Focus on someone you love.  Focus on this person with loving intention and feel your eyes smiling.  What else do you notice?  Continue, breathe.  And, relax…

There you go, 5 unusual places you can now begin incorporating mindfulness into your day.

Mindfulness exercises are helpful and will make you feel happier and calmer.  By incorporating these tips into your regular daily activities, you’re sure to keep improving, little by little.  The compound effect will increase positive thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Mindfulness Meditation Audios

Listen to sample audios for deep relaxation and meditation.

I incorporate mindfulness and meditation in the way I work with couples, everyday as Couples Counsellor.

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