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Life Values & Love Sparks Combo

Bundle and save with the Life Values & Love Sparks combo pack. On sale for a limited time only.

Explore and discover your Life Values. Perfect for personal development, improving relationships, starting conversations and leadership. 220 Life Values cards feature intriguing questions for starting in-depth discussion. Explore further with downloadable workbooks and multiple ways to play.

Love Sparks – Relationship Affirmations. 101 specially crafted affirmations are designed to nurture and grow your relationship. Perfect for couples to connect and spark new love, conversation, fun, romance, laughs, positivity and more.

Free Shipping Australia wide.


Life Values & Love Sparks combo pack.

Bundle and save! Get Life Values and Love sparks together. Limited time special offer!

Life Values Cards

Live with Passion & Purpose

  • Explore & Select Your Core Life Values
  • Improve Relationships & Know Each Other Intimately
  • Play with Friends & Spark Discussion
  • Create Life Balance & Lead an Empowering Lifestyle
  • Lead Teams & Inspire a Culture of Excellence


Explore. Grow. Prosper.

Life Values are perfect for:

  • Personal Development
  • Couples & Relationships
  • Parents & Children
  • Friends & Family
  • Team Leaders
  • Therapists


Inspired Living Awaits!

  • 220 Life Values Cards
  • Desktop Display Cradle
  • 5+ Ways to Play
  • Fun & Engaging
  • Bonus Online Resources
  • Printed in Australia
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide


Love Sparks Cards

Relationship Affirmation Cards

“Wake up and whisper a loving affirmation to your partner… Smile as their heart melts!”


  • Deep love and connection
  • Gratitude and admiration
  • Passion and romance
  • Self-worth and positivity
  • Fun, laughs and heaps More!

Love Sparks are relationship affirmation cards, perfect for couples of all ages. Be inspired each morning and create a ritual of connection throughout your day.

Each card has been carefully crafted, and together as a set cover specific relationship themes. Grow and nurture your relationship in these areas for a strong, loving and resilient relationship.


Relationship Themes:

Love and Connection

  • Love and admiration
  • Mindfully grounded
  • Faith and commitment
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • Gratitude and appreciation

Special and Unique

  • Passion and purpose
  • Shared meaning and dreams
  • Quality communication
  • Trust and honesty
  • Practical and pro-active

Self Worth

  • Compassion and empathy
  • Health and positivity
  • Acceptance and understanding
  • Self-worth and confidence
  • Honour and responsibility


Additional Information:

  • Each deck includes 101 Love Spark Cards with empowering affirmations for couples.
  • Created with Love in Bendigo, Australia by Couples Counsellor Jacqueline Hogan.
  • For couples of all ages
  • Cards printed in Melbourne on sustainably sourced stock
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide!