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Jacqui Hogan - Couples Counsellor - BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Lvl 3, RLT Lvl 3

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Hi I’m Jacqui, and I help couples from all over Victoria, including Bendigo, where I used to live.

I moved to McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula in 2023, and still provide Couples Counselling to my Bendigo clients online using zoom.

I am an experienced couples counsellor and am passionate about supporting couples from the country. From folks on the farm to professionals around town, let’s get your relationship back on track.

I also provide in-person Couples Counselling from my private and comfortable counselling space here in McCrae.

Retreats or ‘intensive marriage counselling’ are a popular option for regional Victorians. Visit the bay for a few days, work on your relationship and enjoy some time together on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Travel times from Bendigo are around 2 to 3 hours, and less if you are coming from Kyneton, Woodend, Macedon or Gisborne down the Calder highway.

Weekend appointments are available, and combined with the benefits of a couples counselling retreat – a therapeutic visit to the seaside is an attractive option.

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Couples Counselling from the comfort of home
Jacqueline Hogan Couples Counselling - 3 Russell St McCrae
Private counselling space & couples retreat option
Peaceful & relaxing McCrae location

No Barrier for Regional Victorians

Country living couples can start couples counselling online, or choose to see Jacqui in person at her McCrae location on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Jacqui Hogan - Couples Counsellor - BASW, Dip PsyC, Gottman Lvl 3, RLT Lvl3

Call Jacqui now for a free short chat about what’s going on for you, or request a callback using the form below.

If Jacqui feels she can help you, you’ll be invited to book a 90 minute discovery session, with you and your partner.

Your discovery session is a welcome relief. It’s a positive experience for most couples, and you’ll feel much more at ease, and hopeful for the future.

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For Couples in Distress

It’s time to get professional help to end the suffering in your marriage.

I help couples with multiple and complex issues harming your relationship. This includes…

Ongoing Conflict

Out-of-control arguments and escalating conflict is damaging to your relationship, and those around you, including children.

Broken Trust & Betrayal

Broken trust, lies and betrayal are particularly damaging for your relationship. It's no surprise infidelity is a leading cause of separation & divorce.

Negative Sentiment

Constantly seeing the negative in your partner and harbouring resentment toward them erodes the connection in your relationship. Left unchecked you will drift further apart and find it increasingly difficult to communicate and see eye to eye.

Broken Communication

Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness & Stonewalling are clear signs of broken communication. Known as the 'four horsemen' - they're especially destructive and will tear your relationship apart.

Severed Connection

Mismatched values, different goals, and a different life direction all lead to disconnection. With no passion and care, your relationship is disconnected. With no shared hopes and dreams to keep the relationship alive, there's little to look forward to but a life of unending misery.

sad women upset feeling distant
"When nothing changes... Nothing changes..."

Avoidant Behaviour

Avoiding the problems in your relationship is a heavy burden to carry and eventually wears you down. Depression, sadness, poor sleep and low energy are all common signs of carrying a burden. Many will seek comfort and solace outside the relationship, but the problems remain.

Lingering Resentment

Disturbed by lingering resentment of a past issue can feel like a sharp stone in your shoe. It's there every step of the way, and gnaws away at any joy and happiness in your life. Avoid it or distract yourself as much as you like, ongoing resentment can 'drive you crazy' and is detrimental to your mental health and quality of life.

Unrelenting Pressure & Stress

Stress and pressure from work, family, finances, children, and health issues to name a few all compound on a daily basis. The unrelenting pressure and stress takes a toll on your relationship. Left unmanaged, stress spills over as destructive patterns of behaviour, destabilising the relationship.

Unfulfilled Dreams & Desires

Frustration and unfulfilled dreams leave you feeling like life is passing you by. As the days and years roll by, your left feeling unfulfilled and running out of hope. As desperation and loneliness creep in, your relationship is at risk of being de-railed.

Repair Your Relationship

Turn your relationship around with effective couples therapy and be supported to save your marriage.

Reduce Conflict in Your Relationship

De-escalte conflict and manage your emotions. Process underlying issues calmly and welcome a new way of communicating.

Rebuild Trust & Support Each Other

Process infidelity, betrayal and broken trust in a safe space. Move through feelings of grief, shame & guilt toward forgiveness. Create a healthy space in your relationship with new standards to support each other, talk, empathise, forgive, understand and recover.

Cherish & Respect Each Other

Dissolve negative sentiment and release negative thoughts and feelings clouding your relationship. Break free from unhelpful patterns and behaviours suffocating your relationship. Invite positive sentiment into your relationship and see the 'good' in your partner more often. Feel closer, happier, accepted and loved.

Healthy Communication

It's crucial the 'four horseman' are eliminated from your relationship as soon as possible. In fact it's essential, for the healing work to begin. After slaying the four horseman, you'll discover how to have only healthy and respectful conversations, with a focus on feeling heard and being understood.

Create Warm Connection

Discover your shared values. Create new rituals of connection. Feel heard by your partner. Be valued, and support each other. Find common ground and know how to resolve tension before it becomes a problem.

Understand there is hope, and change is possible.

Taking Responsibility

Empowerment comes through taking responsibility. Disrupt negative thought patterns, and retire old beliefs. Sharpen your character, identity, and find your reason to change and live in alignment with your empowering set of values to achieve peace, harmony & fulfilment in your relationship.

Find Forgiveness & Acceptance

Let go of the past and find forgiveness for peace and relationship repair. Create hope for the future and an inspiring life vision together based on new trust building behaviours.

Reduce Stress with Love & Kindness

Manage stress with love & kindness. Find healthy outlets and create boundaries to protect your relationship. Support each other and work together as a team to get through difficult times.

Fulfilment & Life Balance

Keep your relationship on track with a renewed sense of self-awareness & relational-awareness. Create a fulfilling vision for the future together and achieve a Life Balance that fulfils each others needs. Tune into each other's needs and explore ways to strengthen the love and bond you share.

Change is Just a Conversation Away

Client Success Stories

Google Review
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My partner and I were in a very dark place before we met Jacqui, I was not confident we could find a way back. I’m so grateful to have found Jacqui. With her support, professionalism and the arsenal of tools she has provided for us, our relationship is now better than it has been for a decade.
Google Review
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I am so glad that we chose Jacqueline to be our relationship counsellor. Just when it seemed to my wife and I that there was no way forward together, thankfully one of the few things that we agreed upon was choosing Jacqueline from all of the counselling services that we could see online. The Save My Marriage program did exactly that for us. We are communicating like we never had in the past, and we have restored intimacy, love, and trust to our relationship. I feel we are on solid foundations now, and we have both learned to forgive, and how to become better partners.
Dr Janine ArnoldClient Review
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Working with Jacqui was very rewarding for me. I am now in control of my life, and I can believe in myself again. I was able to develop an excellent rapport with Jacqui, I would definitely recommend her to others.
Sara Newman
Google Review
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Jacqueline was highly professional, experienced, caring, positive and knowledgeable in my experience. She provided easy to follow tools and advice to both of us for communicating in a better way to improve our relationship, and space to do so while being considerate of our emotional well-being too. It feels scary and emotional at times but also worth doing the work, I valued her honesty and intent on a good outcome, and trust in her abilities to help couples during difficult times in their relationship.
Rachael CollinsClient Review
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I would highly recommend Jacqui. Her knowledge and tools helped us mend and save our marriage when we were stuck and thought there was little hope of recovering. We committed to her step by step program that we worked through together; Which taught us to communicate and work through our issues.
Simon Carter
Google Review
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Most Excellent!
ConfidentialClient Review
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We came in feeling hopeless and preparing for divorce and left with hope.
Kate KoopmansClient Review
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I went off the tracks a few times and nearly crashed but with the tools provided in the program, I used those to avoid crashing and steered my way back onto the track.
ConfidentialClient Review
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By the 12th appointment it was really clear why Jacqui structures the program the way she has. We did the majority of our sessions via Zoom calls, this worked really well for us with young kids and having a distance to travel to get to Bendigo. The program is very confronting and you learn a lot about yourself and your partner, but Jacqui is very supportive and adds cheeky humour to lighten the mood along the way. Our marriage is still not perfect, but we are getting there and the tools and techniques we learnt throughout the program will be with us for life. For this, I thank you Jacqui and would recommend you to anyone of any age.
A LClient Feedback
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"Thank you so much for the affirmation, I love it and will use it everyday from now on... With her and yourself in my corner, I’m sure I can keep progressing to be the person I want to be and that my family deserve. Thanks again Jacqui, you’re a legend."
A FClient Feedback
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"Our communication has been great! Conversations have been enjoyable and [husband] is really enjoying the deep breathing exercises and meditation."
ConfidentialClient Feedback
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"I think we are making progress as we have talked a lot more openly about this recent issue and moved on a lot quicker than we would have in the past. I had a lot of self awareness around my responses and reactions and have not punished him for the mistake. I’m feeling much better this morning."
A DClient Feedback
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"Thank goodness I found you. You have done more for me than any counsellor I’ve ever been to before."

About Jacqui

Jacqui is a warm and compassionate Couples Counsellor with over 22 years of counselling experience. Jacqui tailors her approach to your needs and preferred learning style.

Jacqui draws upon a lifetime of experience and specialist training. Her most significant Couples Counselling related training includes:

  • Gottman Therapy – Level 3
  • Relational Life Therapy, Terry Real – Level 3
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy – Esther Perel
  • Treating Affairs & Trauma – Gottman Institute
  • Multi-generational Trauma: Treating the Past to Heal the Present – Terry Real, Relational Life Institute
  • Working with Infidelity and Making Love Work – Terry Real, Relational Life Institute
  • The Relational Brain – Terry Real & Julianne Shore, Relational Life Institute
  • Staying in Love – The Art of Fierce Intimacy, Terry Real, Relational Life Institute
  • Grandiose Women and Shut Down Men – Terry Real, Relational Life Institute

Formal education

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BASW) – Latrobe University
  • Diploma of Counselling Psychology – Ampersand Australia, 2009
jacqui hogan mccrae walking
Jacqui loves her new location in McCrae, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Specialising in Couples Counselling since 2016, Jacqui has helped hundreds of couples to mend and strengthen their relationships.

Throughout this period, Jacqui has crafted an empowering relationship program, dedicated to guiding couples through challenges towards lifelong changes and lasting happiness.

Further helpful resources and innovative products developed by Jacqui help couples and individuals from all walks of life have better relationships, and lead happier, healthier lives.

Click here to learn more about Jacqui, or get in touch now to talk through what’s going on for you.


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