Enjoy Peaceful Conversations

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Have ‘Smooth Conversations’ with your partner and repair relationship problems calmly.

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Build new love and trust with confidence as you improve communication.

Smooth Conversations - Invite Peace & Harmony Into Your Relationship

Repair Relationship Problems



Feel Supported with Guided Conversations

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Ask Great Questions

Know what to say and when. Listen and respond better for a calm, constructive conversation.

Stay On Topic

Support each other through difficult and sensitive conversations. Work together as a couple.

Loving Relationships

Reach compromise and make life changing progress. You're worth it!

Created by Couples Counsellor - Jacqueline Hogan

Specifically developed to help couples communicate with kindness and compassion.

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Jacqui Hogan
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Arguments & Conflict Are Tearing Your Relationships Apart

Almost all couples I work with during couples counselling identify ‘communication’ as a critical problem in their relationship.

Are out-of-control arguments, door-slamming & cold-shoulders driving a wedge between you?

Common signs communication is a problem in your relationship include:

  • Yelling and blaming
  • Outbursts of anger and frustration
  • Emotions boiling over
  • Stonewalling and avoidance
  • Withholding information
  • Contempt and resentment
  • Gridlock and unwilling to compromise

Smooth conversations helps you improve the communication in your relationship and be a better partner. For deeper communication problems and addressing underlying issues, I recommend couples counselling.

Compassionate Communication for Loving Relationships

Start having peaceful conversations and restore harmony in your relationship.

Be guided through the ‘conversation arc’ – for compassionate conversations that achieve excellent outcomes for your relationship.

Couples with good communication experience positive benefits including:

  • Peace and shared understanding
  • Fondness and admiration
  • Forgiveness and commitment
  • Trust and affection
  • Happy and relaxed
  • Fun and laughter
  • Courageous and empowered

The benefits will be personal to your unique relationship.

What will it mean to you, if you were to experience one or more of these benefits in your relationship?

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The Secret to Great Couples Communication

smooth conversation arc

Progress through the ‘Conversation Arc’ and experience heart-warming ‘smooth conversation’.

Start with Clarity & Understanding

Start with the blue ‘clarity’ cards. These cards are all about gaining clarity and shared understanding.

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Repair & Explore Options

Shift to the red ‘repair’ cards to focus on pathways toward solutions, forgiveness and repair.

Work Together & Be Creative

Move to the green ‘unity’ cards to come together as one, support each other and get creative.

Smile in Harmony

Finish with the purple ‘harmony’ cards to wrap up your conversation on a warm note.

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Nurture your relationship through difficult conversations and be inspired to become the best partner you can be.

With 101 carefully crafted question cards to guide you, celebrate your next ‘smooth conversation’ – and all that’ll follow.

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